My "Little" Shopping Trip

   Good Morning! I'm so tired but so excited b/c my new bed frame and mattress is being delivered this afternoon! I hope this mattress helps with my back and my sleep b/c I spent a lot more money on this one compared to how much I spent on the last one.

   So I'm finally getting around to doing this post on my crazy shopping binge I went on last month. I got way too much and didn't even get everything I needed but oh well, every now and then I just need to do some shopping therapy. I did get some really great deals on some of the stuff. And I apologize for the quality of these pictures, I was just trying to hurry up and get them done so that I could stop procrastinating on this post.

I've been wanting to get a floppy hat like this one for years but just never did. The hat and earrings are both from Target.

LOVE this new maxi dress I got from Forever21!

Can you believe this Forever21 skirt was only $4.90? And it wasn't even on sale. It is much thicker than other skirts I've gotten like this in the past. So I'm sure when it gets colder again, I'll be able to wear this with some sweater tights.

And this Forever21 blush top with a chiffon back was only $6.90 (regular price).

 Crop Tops (Forever21).

 I love the button detail on the back of this top (Forever21).

 A shirt for work that came very wrinkled in the package (Forever21).
 This coral top is great for summer (Forever21).

 My mauve sweater (Forever21) that was featured in a previous post.
 Simple v-neck t-shirts (Forever21)

 I love love love this waterfall draped cardigan and it was under $13 (regular price) at Forever21.

 Can't go wrong with some simple black pumps that I got on sale at GoJane.

 And finally, a bralette from GoJane.

   My urge to go shopping has been very strong lately but after this "little" shopping trip, I've been keeping it under control.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. Sometimes some shopping therapy is just needed. We all need a little binge here and there. Love that Forever21 Maxi!

    Natalie // Sprinkled with Pearls

    1. I completely agree and thank you, I can't wait to wear it!

  2. Forever 21 is the perfect place to find pretty but affordable summer tops & dresses, they always have fun prints.

    1. Forever21 is pretty awesome. Most of my wardrobe is from there and I have been shopping there for about 10 years.


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