Pet Giftbox #2

   Good Morning. I saw something somewhere on Facebook that said Tuesday is Monday's stepsister or evil stepsister. I thought that was pretty funny and true. Tuesday is almost as bad as Monday. I ordered my free trial from The Honest Company yesterday. I'm eager to try out their products. Has anyone purchased anything from them?

   I forgot to post in my weekend recap that on Friday, the dogs' 2nd pet giftbox came! It was earth day themed and unfortunately that turtle toy has been destroyed thanks to Audrey. That dog just wants to destroy everything. Oh well, Gemma still enjoys carrying the flat empty turtle body around lol. We got some good useful stuff and the lavender scented bags will be perfect for when I start walking Audrey again since it is getting warmer out. I haven't given the dogs the oven fresh quacks treats yet but I did start giving them the Pet Greens treats. They are thin little soft jerky treats and actually smell really really good.

   Are there any monthly subscription boxes you have for your pets?



  1. Granola for dogs?! What a new and fun idea, I never thought to buy something like that for Misa. However, I do know she would love those jerky treats!

    1. They smell just like real beef jerky, which makes me want some lol.

  2. Such a cool box. ^^
    New post is online...

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I'm glad I signed up for this monthly subscription. It is cheaper than most and it saves me time and money. Plus I get a lot of products I've never heard of or given my dogs before.


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