Teen Mom OG

   So who has been watching Teen Mom OG? I have! I finally watched Monday night's episode on Tuesday- ya know, since it comes on past my bedtime. At the end, Farrah Abraham finally made her appearance. Oh Farrah, Farrah, Farrah, what are we going to do with you? During her brief air time, she pretty much did nothing besides complain. Ok, we get it, you feel excluded because you weren't on the new show from the beginning but from your behavior, it seems like you don't even want to be on the show.

   I could understand if she showed a little bit of annoyance or betrayal on t.v., but to be a full blown biotch, that was just unacceptable in my eyes. She already is viewed negatively in the public eye, why contribute to that? And how is that setting a good example for her daughter?

   So do you think this is a one time thing? Or do you think her behavior will continue to be like this for all or the majority of the season? How do you think the other Teen Mom OG girls are going to react to the news of Farrah being brought on? In the preview for the next episode they make it seem like Maci quits but I'm pretty sure she isn't going to. I do know that when there was talk of bringing Teen Mom back on the air, Amber, Catelynn, and Maci all said they wouldn't do it if Farrah was going to be on the show.

   I guess we'll just have to watch next week's episode to find out.

   Speaking of t.v. shows... who watches Finding Carter??? I have to admit, when the show originally aired, I thought it looked stupid but midway through the first season, I decided to watch it because nothing was on t.v. and from then, I got hooked. This season is even better than the first and is blowing my mind.

   One more day until Friday!



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