Weekend Recap

   Good Morning everyone. It's Monday- again. Grrr. I really just wanted to stay in bed and sleep but I gotta make that money.

   So this weekend was slightly eventful. I actually cleaned my room and "took" my bed apart. I believe I mentioned a week or 2 ago that I ordered a new bed frame. Well that is supposed to be here Wednesday. So I had planned to take apart my current bed frame this weekend and just put it somewhere so that it could be used as the bed for the guest room of my next house. Well the idiots that my mom paid to fix my bed frame and put it together when I first moved into this house put my bed together with nails. Nails. Not screws. Seriously??? So I took a hammer to my bed frame and just broke it apart. Now it is sitting it pieces on my front porch. Oh well. Shit happens and life moves on. I probably should have taken the hammer to my bed frame a couple more times as therapy lol.

   Well besides breaking my bed frame and doing the usual, my sister and I took Audrey to meet up with my mom and Gretta at a park in York, Pa. Gretta is my mom's youngest dog, a 6 month old English Bulldog puppy. We only walked them a short time because after all, they are bulldogs, but they still had fun. And they got to eat some chicken nuggets from Wendy's, so they enjoyed that too.

 Aren't they the cutest?! Gretta is wearing Audrey's old collar.

 My sister's face lol I have no idea what she was saying here.

   Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. I'm so glad that its finally warming up so I can enjoy the outdoors with my pup!

    1. Same! I'm looking forward to start walking Audrey again to give us both some exercise lol.

  2. your pups are too cute! thanks for your comment on my post! (FYI, I didn't write it :) it was a guest post!) you're a no reply blogger- I can't reply back to you!

    1. Thank you and yea I kind of remembered that it was your guest after I replied.

  3. It's about dang time for it to warm up here! I can't wait to take my dogs to the dog park.

    1. I know, if it goes below 60 again, I might just die. I'm ready to stop having to wear jackets and be able to wear sandals.


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