Weekend Recap

   Weekends are always way too short and Mondays come way too quick. Good Morning! I am freakin' freezing and tired right now and it is raining its butt off here. Cold+Tired+Rain+Work= Not A Happy Camper.

   So besides this crappy Monday morning, the weekend wasn't really eventful. I did the usual errands and got some cleaning done (a little more than usual- yay me!). I was on Pinterest Friday- LOVE Pinterest- and came across a really easy recipe that I wanted to try. A 7 ingredient taco lasagna. So I bought the stuff Saturday morning and late Saturday night I decided to make it so that I could get some more cleaning done on Sunday. Man was this good. I tried taking some pictures but the pictures just didn't make it look all that appetizing. However, if you go on over to the blog I pinned the recipe from (The Girl Who Ate Everything), you can find some really mouth watering pictures as well as the recipe and directions.

   It was easy, quick, inexpensive, and delicious. Some of the best qualities I look for in a recipe.

   Well, that's all my brain can manage to give me this morning. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.



  1. I was on Pinterest and found the most ridiculous recipe but I NEED to try it. It's lasagna with raviolis on top, sauce on top of that, and topped with LOTS of cheese which is probably my favorite part haha. I definitely want to try it one day!



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