Another Pet Giftbox

   Oh my Lord, it is almost Friday!!! Phew, I thought it would never get here. So I think my emotional state is pretty much back to normal? I feel abnormally chill but also feel like I'm brain dead. Like occasionally my mind will race with thoughts that I constantly have thought about in the past week but other than that, I feel like an air head.

   I had a Multiple Sleep Latency test which is a sleep study that is during the day to test for Narcolepsy. Don't really know how that went. I had to take 4 naps that were 15-30 minutes long and in between the naps I had to stay up for like 1-2 hours. So while awake, I sat up (because you're not allowed to lay down) in the bed and watched some old Sweet 16 episodes and old Law & Order: SVU episodes. I developed a migraine while there and had bad neck and back pain. I don't know if I actually slept during the naps. My eyes were closed, it sounded like I was sleeping, but I could still "hear" myself thinking? I don't know. I guess we will just find out in 1-2 weeks when the results come in.

   Anyways, my fur babies (even though it is only addressed to Audrey) received their monthly Pet Giftbox. This month's giftbox had a patriotic theme. I love themes and it makes it kind of exciting rather than having just a random uninteresting box of goodies- even though I'm sure the dogs would be happy either way.

There was even a present for me in their giftbox! I have yet to put it (or any magnets) on my new car because it really needs to go to the car wash first and I am a procrastinator when it comes to getting my car washed.

Love, love, love when purchases give back to the community or certain charities/ organizations!
These were great, especially for Gemma because they are really soft and she has missing teeth and this type of disorder or disease on her gums.

How cute are these?!?! Love their patriotic shapes!

Sadly, the walkie talkie (that's what it is right?) and bear are destroyed. I haven't cleaned the remains up yet because I'm being lazy and will clean this weekend, plus the dogs are still playing with them. And the bear no longer has any clothes on either.

   Even though every toy that has come in their giftboxes so far has not lasted, I still see the Pet Giftbox as a money saver because I do get other things for the dogs besides toys in the giftboxes (which also allows me to not have to go to Petsmart as much and have time to do other things like clean my house). Plus, in every giftbox, they list the retail value of everything included and what the grand total would have been if I bought all of these things individually. I think it said I saved $20 or $21 this month on these items. So as of right now, the $17.99 a month for the Pet Giftbox is still worth it. And I figure, with the money and time I'm saving by doing this, it will allow me to buy the more expensive tough toys for them for holidays instead of having to constantly go to Petsmart or order online for toys and treats.

   Hang in there everyone... Friday is almost here- we can survive the day!



  1. Oh wow that sleep test sounds super interesting, I hope they get good information!

    1. It was definitely something I've never heard of before. I'm interested in what the results show.


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