Give Your Legs a Little TLC

   Ah, I am loving this warmer weather. Now that the snow and freezing cold is gone, it's time to show a little leg. If any of you are like me, most of the time in the winter (especially if I don't have a significant other) I just let my leg hair be- with maybe an occasional shave here and there. But now it's time to break out the capris, shorts, skirts, and swimwear and show off your beautiful (probably pale) stems.

   You do not want to be the girl that is showcasing her hairy legs and bikini line in public- especially if you happen to run into an attractive guy or girl. So I'm going to let you in on my little secret weapon I use to keep my legs smooth and hair free. It's Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle. This isn't just your ordinary razor. The hydro silk trim style is both a razor and a bikini trimmer. But my favorite part about this razor is the hypoallergenic moisturizing serum. I have very sensitive dry red skin. So I'm loving the fact that my legs are getting a little extra care while shaving. And the skin guards! I am so busy and shaving is such an ordeal and time consuming task. So I end up just quickly and carelessly swiping the razor and then before I know it, blood is streaming down my leg. These skin guards help prevent that. I have yet to nick myself while shaving with this razor. I'd say this razor deserves two thumbs up emojis.


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