Live Carefree, Period. #refreshvoxbox

   Ok ladies, let's get real. Your period is not the highlight of your month (unless you're afraid you are pregnant and do not want to be pregnant at that time in your life). You feel bloated, crampy, and moody. Not to mention the worry of what if it bleeds through your bottoms- especially when you are expecting it and it hasn't come yet and you have a meeting or something important where you can't just keep checking yourself (but who wants to have to check themselves anyway?). And in times like these, you don't want to use a pad or tampon because it hasn't come yet and the fact that using one of these before Aunt Flow makes her appearance is just wasting money.

   But have no fear, Carefree is here. Carefree body shape panty liners are my absolute go to panty liner. They are small, compact, and portable which makes them easy to tuck into your purse , wallet, or even your pocket. Not only are they easy to take with you, they are crafted into a unique shape that flows with your body. This makes them stay in place better and more comfortable. These panty liners are a must, especially when you are on the go. Straight rectangular panty liners can be uncomfortable and easily come off of your panties.

   So put your mind at ease and use Carefree body shape panty liners.


*Sponsored Post. I have received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are my own.*
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