Petite Plus Super Weight Loss Supplement- for Women!

   I have pretty much always struggled with my weight. Even when I was 13 and only 100 lbs, I always had at least some sort of insecurity with my weight or how my body looked. I also was bullied and harassed about my weight, as well as many other things, in high school. Girls used to say I was anorexic and even when I gained just a little bit of weight, they'd start rumors that I was pregnant or something. I could never win. But I've learned to love my body and am still working on that everyday.

   My weight has always been up and down. And I do truly believe that it is more difficult for women to lose weight than men. Our bodies are built differently. That's why I was ecstatic when Petite Plus wanted to partner up with me and allow me to test out their new super weight loss supplement which is specifically designed for WOMEN.

   Petite Plus' weight loss supplement is 100% natural. It is an appetite supplement and is designed to improve your mood and energy levels.

   You just take two capsules a day once a day 30 minutes before one of your meals with a glass of water. I hate capsules and these capsules are quite large. The difference between these capsules and other capsules I have tried is they give off a subtle berry scent and taste. It is very subtle but I think it definitely helped me get them down. In the end, I only ended up losing 0.8 lbs but that is still an accomplishment. With my busy schedule/ lifestyle and fatigue, I haven't had time to really do any exercising. But I have been getting back on track with eating healthier (even though I know that to really see some results, you need to combine eating healthier and exercise). Towards the mid/ end of the 30 days, I did notice my appetite starting to decrease. I think it would've been much more effective had I taken it for 2 months.


I received this product at no cost in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The seller has no influence on my review nor have I received any compensation for it. It is 100% Authentic.
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