Weekend Recap

   Oh good Lord, it feels like a Monday- and kind of is Monday for those of us who were off for the holiday yesterday. I definitely could have used an extra 4-8 hours of sleep this morning and my back is killing me! My weekend wasn't very eventful and in no way did it include cookouts. I did the usual errands and worked on cleaning and prepping two rooms for carpet installation for tomorrow. I still have a ways to go and really need to start packing and deep cleaning. I'm trying to get my house on the market by the end of next month but we'll see.

   So yesterday I finally did the whole "dog shaming" thing. Audrey has definitely ruined a few things in the short time she has been with me but hey, she's still a puppy and she is a bulldog and bulldogs are usually chewers. She chewed up my older pair of Vans maybe a month or two ago and then chewed the heel of my other pair of Vans yesterday. But it is my fault for leaving them on the floor where she was while I took a shower. So I went online and looked at Vans, even though I so did not want to spend the money. They no longer sold my floral ones but had my older ones for sale still and they were on sale for about $9- $10 cheaper and I got free shipping, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

   I also went out to lunch to Chipotle yesterday. I thought about embracing the warm weather and wearing shorts but I didn't feel like my legs were looking great and didn't 100% shave them, plus I get cold easily anyways and we were eating inside. So wearing jeans and this cute top worked well. I love this top but I swear this is only my 2nd time wearing it and I think I've had it for 2 years maybe? I bought it online at Nordstrom but it is by Topshop.

 Audrey is so confused.

   Well I hope you all had a wonderful 3 day weekend. We just have to get through today and three more days and then it is the weekend again! We can do it!



  1. Haha at your dog!! I am SO glad our pit bull has long left the chewing phase! There's a Chipotle in Memphis just a few miles away that we've been dying to try! We will have to go soon; I hear it's amazing!

    1. Chipotle is amazing. When I moved to PA, the only "nearby" one was 30 minutes away. A few months after I moved into my house last year, they ended up building a Chipotle 5 min from me. I was so happy.

  2. Oh no, I can totally relate to the "dog ate something she shouldnt have" moment. I have lost many a slipper and flip flops that way!

    1. There has to be something about flip flops because they always seem to go to them first.


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