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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4th of July

   So 4th of July is this Saturday. Since 4th of July is a paid holiday for me and it does not fall on a week day, we get Friday off (and paid) instead of Saturday. It's kind of cool that it works out that way because Friday is my birthday and even though I usually decide to work on my birthday, I usually take off Friday and Monday so that I have a 4-day weekend. I'm not doing that this year but I do get a 3-day weekend since I get off and paid the day of my birthday. So I still get to have a longer weekend and save my paid time off. Wow that kind of sounds confusing and I know I'm just rambling on but whatever, I always ramble.

   In spirit of July 4th, I thought I'd share with you some of my past outfits I've worn on 4th of July. Actually I'm just showing you ones from the past few years because like with my birthday outfit pictures, I don't feel like digging through my box of photos (which probably don't contain 4th of July photos and if they do, I'd most likely have to look at the back of each individual photo to see the date and year) and I lost a lot of photos from Facebook when I had to get a new Facebook a few years back- looong story. And I won't have a picture from 2012 again because I either didn't dress in my red, white, and blue or most likely just didn't take a picture. Anyways, enjoy!

 2014 (23)
 2013 (22)
2011 (Atlantic City for my 20th birthday!)

   We just gotta get through today and the next 2 days and then hello 3-day weekend!



Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthday Week!!!

   Good Morning- 4 day work week this week, yeeesssssssss!!! And it is my birthday week, yay! I used to always say July was my birthday month and felt like I should be treated extra special for the whole month but as I've grown up over the years, I'm like so over it. Yea, a tiny bit of me still feels like I should be treated special the whole month but I'm really just like whatever. Like when I was younger, I'd always say that when I get a job, I will never work on my birthday. With my first few jobs, I did stay true to that but these past few years I'm just like meh. It's life and if I work on my birthday, I get paid and save paid time off for when I actually really need it. But this year I actually get off on my birthday and get paid since 4th of July doesn't fall on a "normal" day. Yay- kind of. And I'm definitely not one of those people who are freaking out and sad that they are getting older. I'm just like cool, I don't really care I guess or just feel neutral about it?

   Well, in honor of my birthday week, I'm going to share with you three birthday outfits over the past few years. I could show you pictures from my birthdays when I was younger buuuut that would require me getting out my box full of photos and going through each and every single photo since I haven't organized them (I've wanted to start scrap booking for years but it's just one of those things that I keep saying I want to do but never do but will eventually do one day) and I'm kind of trying to avoid taking old stuff out so that I can pack- which is going by very slowly. So here are pictures from the past 4 years except for 2012. I think I didn't get dressed up or go out on my birthday that year, oh well. Enjoy!

2014 (23)
 2013 (22)
 2010 (20)

   I still can't believe I'm turning 24 (on July 3rd- did I forget to mention that?) but what is even more of a shocker is that in just a tad over a month, my sister will be 18! I hope everyone tries to keep their spirits up this week b/c of the 4-day work week!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Slim Down with SlimQuick

   Today I am introducing SlimQuick's new pure protein supplement. SlimQuick has a new supplement out that helps women lose three times the weight in 13 weeks. SlimQuick Pure Protein provides 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per day. It is also made with BioPure Green Tea.

   If any of you are like me, I am super busy and do not have the time to workout at the gym. I try to eat healthy, I try to do at least some type of cardio but sometimes my lifestyle and work just doesn't allow me the time. Weight loss supplements make it easier to lose weight, especially for women who are constantly on the go.

   There are so many weight loss supplements out there ranging from capsules to shakes. Taste plays a big part in deciding whether or not I'm going to continue using a weight loss supplement. If it doesn't taste good or tolerable, I'm not going to use it. SlimQuick sent me their new protein supplement in the french vanilla flavor but it also comes in double chocolate. I was a little hesitant because of how many shakes I have tried that taste horrible. Finally, a weight loss supplement that actually tastes good!

   And it is super easy to make. You just add one scoop of the supplement and 4 oz. of water into a blender or shaker. The vanilla flavor is strong, which I actually prefer. You can learn more about SlimQuick Pure Protein and other SlimQuick products at

   Have you tried any of SlimQuick's weight loss supplements?


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Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

   Monday seriously needs to go on a vacation. I am so freaking exhausted. At least it is less than 2 weeks until my birthday!

   This weekend was another uneventful one. I've still been trying to work on getting my house ready to be put on the market and of course running errands and stuff. I went to Starbucks again. With all of these new flavors of frappuccinos that came out, it seems like I might be going there every weekend for the next few weeks to try one of the flavors in the mini size. It's actually pretty awesome and convenient that they came out with the mini size right before releasing these new flavors because then if I don't like it, I don't feel like it was that much of a waste. So this weekend I tried the lemon bar frappuccino. It was ok. Just ok, nothing special. There's nothing really to even say about it other than that it was ok.

And I actually got dressed in clothes other than yoga pants and a t-shirt type of clothes to run errands and such. I apologize for the quality of the picture and the mess- my sister's mess. Packing and cleaning the closet room has proven to take a lot more time than expected and a lot more boxes. 

   I hope you all enjoy your Monday! Rise and Shine.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Destress to Success

    I am pretty much always stressed. Whether it is about money, my job, or even for no apparent reason at all. And I never knew how to properly deal with it. People have said to take a deep breath, do yoga, exercise, etc. and it just doesn't work for me. Everyone is different and everyone handles stress differently. Sometimes how you handle or deal with stress depends on the source of the stress. And now, thanks to Leo Willcocks and his book "Destress to Success" I know how to deal with the different stressors in my life.

   In Destress to Succcess, Willcocks discusses different kinds and sources of stress. Some of the stressors he discusses and explains, I didn't even realize were stressors. For example, in certain situations, you might get stressed. When you are in that situation again, you can end up being stressed even if it isn't stressful at that time because your brain is associating that situation with stress. Let's say that you're meeting your boyfriend's parents at their house for the first time and you are very nervous and stressed. Everything ends up going well and your boyfriend's parents like you. The next time and other times you go to their house to see them, you end up being stressed even though you know that they like you and there is nothing to be stressed about. Or let's say you didn't study for your History test and therefore, you are stressed. The next time you go to take a History test or test in general, you could be well prepared and studied the night before, yet you end up being stressed.

   He also uses a lot of analogies and really accurate ones that make things make more sense. One analogy I really liked was, "...another common way we respond is to make like an ostrich: stick our head in the sand and hope it passes by." That is definitely one way I sometimes "handle" or avoid handling stress. I will say that with all of the great analogies he makes, there is one that almost stopped me from continuing to read the book. I have very strong feelings when it comes to people saying Pit Bulls (and other bully breeds) are aggressive, mean, vicious dogs. The analogy I didn't like was, "What happens when, like pit bulls clamping onto a poor animal's neck, they hold on and won't let go?" Why did he have to single out the Pit Bull? Any breed of dog can do this and he should have just generalized it to a dog instead of this specific breed. This really got me irritated and angry but after I cooled down, I decided to finish reading the book because of how accurate and helpful it was so far.

   One of the many areas in life that he discusses stress is in relationships. He gives different scenarios (throughout the book) of real patients he worked with. Regarding relationships specifically, he explains how a man thinks and responds in a certain stressful situation and how women respond in those situations. He also explained what each sex needs or wants in those situations and it made so much sense! I now know what is going on inside a man's head (kind of) when this stuff is happening. Thank the Lord! I am always wondering what is going on in a man's head during stressful times like arguments and during fights and why they are acting a certain way.

   Overall, this book was EXTREMELY helpful and I will definitely keep it on hand and review it from time to time when I am stressed or in a certain stressful situation similar to ones he has discussed in his book. I will admit I don't read a lot. Up until I was about 22, I had only read like maybe 4 books completely. So for me to say that this was a really good helpful book is a big deal. I strongly recommend that everyone read this book, both men and women.


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Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Sad News... Poor Batman

   Some more sad news... my mom's French Bulldog, Batman was put to sleep tonight. He has been having liver issues for a while now and his health has gone completely down hill. He's skinny, losing hair, having trouble walking, is having problems with his liver, is almost completely deaf, etc. He was at my house for a few days while my mom took her two English Bulldogs on a little road trip. Batman couldn't go because of his health and he starts having trouble breathing when he is stressed out- like when it's really hot and in car rides and stuff. Batman turned 10 years old almost a month ago. Frenchies tend to live longer than English Bulldogs. French Bulldogs tend to live 8-14 years.

   My sister has been the one to take care of him these past few days but I took care of him yesterday. He looked like a complete zombie and had no spark or light left in his eyes at all. He had trouble walking and couldn't even get up the one step to get onto the deck. He also had some trouble with going to the bathroom and had a lot of blood in his stool (he had some in it lately due to his liver but this was a lot more). He also wouldn't eat at all. He wouldn't eat his dog food, so I put a whole can of chicken noodle soup on it and he wouldn't even touch it. I put a noodle and the broth in his mouth and he let it drop out of his mouth and had no interest in it at all. My mom tried giving him some ham (my mom picked him up yesterday evening to take him home) and he wouldn't even eat that. It's clear that he is in a lot of pain and suffering. It is his time to cross over the rainbow bridge and into doggy Heaven. You can see it in his eyes and we can't let him keep suffering.

   So I'm going to tell you Batman's story. I was 13 and wanted a French Bulldog sooo bad. We had an American Bulldog and an English Bulldog at the time and I wanted a smaller dog that had the wrinkles and bulldog-like appearance and well, the Frenchie was perfect. I wanted to dress him or her up in clothes and be able to carry him or her. Finally, the summer I turned 14 (I believe we got him a few weeks after my 14th birthday), I got my wish. My mom's friend's neighbor's French Bulldog breeder had a litter of 3 puppies. A cream male, a brindle male, and a fawn with black mask female. The breeder was keeping the female, so I had a choice of one of the males. As soon as I went over and saw them, I immediately picked Batman (his name was Napoleon at the time). There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever. He was the smallest one and so thick, stocky, and just adorable. I remember while we were still there, we practiced putting them on their backs, b/c you should do that throughout their lives starting as puppies. He made this little noise that sounded like a cat's meow. He was just so cute.

   I named him Batman because French Bulldog's are notoriously known for their bat ears. On a funny note, besides "Bat," Batman's other nickname is Butt. He got this nickname b/c every single time he poops, we have to wipe his butt with baby wipes. No joke. And it has been like that from day one. Batman also makes a unique noise. He does not bark. He makes this weird noise that sounds like a mix between a chicken and a Furbie (anyone remember Furbies?!?). Oh yea, my mom also calls him Chicken Little.

   Anyways, I had a big silver handbag that I carried around and put him in it. No one ever noticed. I used to put him in it and take him to the mall and Target while he was still really young and tiny. I actually took him to my Freshman High School Orientation and only one teacher noticed and she didn't care because he was just so adorable. Although he was originally for me, he quickly bonded with my mother. They just had a special instant connection and he always wanted to be with her and be held by her. He was a complete mommy's boy (with my mother being his mommy). We actually made the mistake of holding him non-stop as a puppy. When you do this, they only want to be held even when they are older, especially if they like being held.

   We had a lot of great times little butt and I will always cherish the memories we had together. You will forever be in my heart and I know that your spirit will always be with us. Have fun playing with Boltneck, Ozzy, Sammy the Bull, and Magdalena Starr.

Batman at 8 weeks old taking a nap with me.

My sister with Batman at a photo shoot 3 years ago.

 How cute is he in his Halloween costume?! I made this costume. He was Owl from Winnie the Pooh last Halloween.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


   How the heck is it only Tuesday??? Ugh, these weeks seem like they are getting longer and longer.

   So my sweet baby Audrey is officially on seizure medication. She has been having seizures. The first one I knew about was the Friday before last and when she had one last Monday, I called the vet and took her in. She took some blood and sent it off to the lab, which all came back normal- thank God. But she said that she is probably having seizures because of her anxiety, which totally makes sense because Audrey has been a big scaredy cat from day 1. Like big time to the extreme. But my poor little girl who isn't even 1 year and 3 months old yet had a really bad seizure yesterday, or at least bad compared to the two she had before. This time she could only move her back legs. She couldn't use her front legs at all and when she was finally able to roll over, she couldn't get up and then when she finally managed to get up and put her front legs on my shoulders to hold her up, she started having a seizure again and fell back to the ground shaking. It is so scary and sad. You can tell she is so scared and just stares at me the entire time as I gently pet her and calmly tell her it's ok while we wait for the seizure to pass.
 This picture is from Sunday. She took some stuffing out of a toy and so I took the toy away from her. She walked around with this little piece of stuffing sticking out of her mouth for about an hour (I'm probably over exaggerating. It was probably only a few minutes or so) and I really don't think she knew it was even there. It was so cute but then I opened her mouth and took it from her for safety reasons.

And last night I dyed my hair burgundy again. It is so difficult to get a picture that captures the color correctly. So this was the best that I got.

   Is it Friday yet? Nope. *sigh*


Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap and Another Pet Giftbox!

   Ugh, Monday again? I was so dreading today just thinking about it yesterday. We seriously need weekends to be longer. Like seriously. And now it is POURING down rain. Have I mentioned how much I hate rain?

   Sooo, this weekend the dogs' monthly Pet Giftbox came and it was Jurassic Park themed! So awesome.

 Gemma loved this T-Rex toy. He is already ripped open though because Audrey and Tigger wanted to take the toy from Gemma, which resulted in "Rex" being ripped open. It happens.

 And the dogs all love these new treats. I really like that they are free of grains, gluten, and soy and that they help with the digestive system.

 They also got a few goodies but I haven't given them any of these yet. I ultimately decided to throw the turkey foot away. I am very cautious when giving those types of bones, treats, or whatever you want to call them to the dogs. Plus one of the toes broke off pretty easily in my hand as I was examining it and the long nails (or talons?) really had me concerned. I decided I wasn't going to risk it, plus it just looks so gross to me ha ha.

 I also tried one of Starbucks' new Frappuccinos. I got the red velvet (minus the whip cream) because I love red velvet and baking red velvet cupcakes. Most of the time, when a company tries adding something red velvety, they fail- or at least I think so. Dunkin Donuts' red velvet donut- fail. Burger King just came out with a red velvet milkshake or something and I'm not even going to bother trying that. And now Starbucks has failed. It had cookie crumbs/ chunks in it that tasted like they were part of the oreo cookie and it just tasted like a cookies n' creme milkshake or chocolate cookies n' creme milkshake. The only places I have been to so far that has actually been successful with red velvet is The Cheesecake Factory's red velvet cheesecake and Maggie Moo's red velvet ice cream. I'm glad I got the frappuccino in the new mini size.

And my mom and I went to see Insidious Chapter 3! Ok, so my memory isn't always the best and sometimes I get scary movies confused. I thought I had seen Insidious 1 and 2, but after seeing the 3rd one and my mom explaining parts of 1 and 2, I've realized I haven't even seen the 1st two. But I think it might actually be cool to watch the 1st two now because the 3rd one actually explains how it all started- trying to briefly explain without any spoilers. Anyways, I'm excited to see the 1st two now.

   Oh yea, and I totally finished the new season of Orange is the New Black. Sooo good but sooo sad it is over.

   Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

World Pet Memorial Day- Magdalena Starr

   Sooo I'm not entirely sure which day it is. I usually make calendars each year with the pet-related days, weeks, and months but this year I just didn't. I looked at 3 different sites I have used in the past and one says it was yesterday, two say it is the 14th, and a picture I saw and shared on Facebook yesterday said it is today, the 10th. So whichever day it is, I'm going to cover it today.

   I have had dogs my entire life. From the chocolate lab puppy that my dad told us to go get when I was 2 and my mother and I both had the chicken pox (I had dogs before the chocolate lab puppy but I felt like he was my true first dog) to the 3 I have now. But the one I want to discuss today is Magdalena Starr. She had to be put down April 11, 2014.

   Magdalena Starr, a.k.a Magz, a.k.a Maggie, was my first Bullmastiff. It all started when we (he was really my mom's) got our first Bullmastiff, Sammy the Bull. So about 11 months after we had gotten Sammy the Bull, the breeder had a litter of puppies. Side note: Sammy was from a litter of 15 and Maggie was from a litter of 13 or maybe it was the other way around- either way, that's a lot. I would come over and help and let the breeder have a break. It was tough but rewarding work. I knew that they wouldn't give me a puppy for helping, but you never know. I had my eyes on a red brindle female. I hinted to the breeder that she was my favorite and she told me that was the one she was keeping. I was a little sad but again, I knew they weren't going to give me a puppy. As time went on with helping take care of the puppies (I got to give them all their first baths!), whenever I would lay down or go to leave, one particular puppy would cry. So if the others were sleeping and I was laying down and she would cry, I would take her out of the whelping pen and lay her beside me.

   The breeder quickly noticed this pattern and told me she couldn't let this puppy go to anyone else. Now I know what you're all thinking, I got a free puppy. Nope. We had to pay for her- by the way, Bullmastiffs are expensive. The thing is, this breeder (who is now retired) was VERY well known. Everyone who wants a puppy from them had to be put on a waiting list because so many people wanted their puppies. So my reward/ privilege was that I got to pass the people who were next on the waiting list and get this puppy. This beautiful big pawed thick black brindle female Bullmastiff puppy. She was absolutely gorgeous and big for a female.

   She was like my first baby. I completely adored her. I would love walking her in public because when people would make rude comments telling their children or dogs to stay away from that big mean dog just because of the fact that she was huge, I would stop and put my hand and part of my forearm in her mouth and she would just sit there and not close her mouth on my hand. Their jaws would drop and I would laugh.

   At a young age, Magdalena was diagnosed with Lymes disease and then Canine Lupus. She was on lots of medication and went to the vet a lot. And then, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was crushed. They put her on Prednisone, I believe that is what it was called because there was no way her body could of handled chemo. At first, she started acting like a puppy again. She had lost a lot of weight and looked like she was the size of an 8 month old Bullmastiff puppy (she was almost 7). It was really sad but at the same time I was happy that she wasn't in pain and had gotten her energy back. But that only lasted a short time and then her health was deteriorating again.

   She was in pain and you could just tell that it was her time to go and that she was ready. So we put her down. I am not going to make/ allow a dog to suffer just because I don't want to put her down. I have, had, and will always have my dogs' best interest at heart and do what is right for them.

This was her last Halloween. I made her Wilma Flintstone costume.

   When we arrived at the vet, it hadn't really hit me yet and I wasn't sure if I was even going to get emotional at that point because sometimes my medications put me in "zombie mode" and block my emotions out. But randomly, as we were waiting for the vet to come in and take my sweet girl out of her pain and misery, it hit me. I fell to the floor, wrapped my arms around my big baby and bawled. I kept telling her how sorry I was and that she would be in a better place and not in pain. When the vet came in and as they started the process, I just layed with her, her head in my lap, petting her head and telling her how much I loved her and that she is going to be so happy and to go play with Sammy the Bull and Ozzy (our English Bulldog who had passed away from Lymphoma before Sammy the Bull passed away). And then it was over. They allowed us to stay for as long as we needed after it was all over. We probably stayed there for an hour at least. I didn't want to leave her and my mom also wanted to make sure that she actually was 100% put to sleep. I bawled my eyes out and just hugged her that whole entire time. I was extremely loud bawling my eyes out. I'm sure everyone in the entire vet building could hear me but I didn't care. And then I finally let her go. God I'm trying not to cry as I am typing this right now but it is getting really hard to fight back the tears. We had her cremated with her favorite toy. We had her toy in her arms as she was being put to sleep and we requested that they cremate her with her toy. So she took her favorite toy with her to cross over the rainbow bridge and into Heaven. That girl will always hold an extremely special place in my heart. I love you Magdalena Starr.

We had a photoshoot done for her in 2012. 


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dang Girl, Put on Some Flats

   How is it only Tuesday??? Ugh. Anyways, so there has been news out there for a few years of a "normal" Barbie. Although not associated with Mattel, Nickolay Lamm had created one a while ago. But what Mattel has created is a Barbie that can wear flats! Girlfriend must be relieved because wearing heels for decades has got to wear a girl out! Not to mention that if she were real, she would probably have serious issues with her arches and toes.

   Finally, after 56 years, Barbie has become even more modern and realistic- to some extent. Rumor has it that there will be 23 new Barbie dolls that will have flexible ankles to allow Barbie to wear heels or flats, and that includes wedges! I am so excited and I wish I had a niece to get one for (I have one niece who is beyond way too old to play with barbies and the rest are nephews).

   So what do I hope this new Barbie will bring? I hope these Barbies will help girls to be more comfortable with their bodies and how they look. Yes, Barbie still has unrealistic body measurements, but these new feet are a start! At a very young age, a lot of little girls look up to Barbie and aspire to be her and think that's what you are supposed to look like when you grow up and you have to wear heels to be pretty like Barbie. Of course that does not apply to every little girl out there but it does to some. I know from my own experience that when I was younger, I couldn't wait to hit puberty and get boobs. I dreamed about what I would look like when I would be old enough to go to high school. I wanted to be skinny, have nice sized or big boobs, be a cheerleader and date the captain of the football team. I was obsessed with looks and I was completely boy crazy, all starting at a young age. While Barbie wasn't the complete reason for this, she definitely contributed.

   So what do you think of this new Barbie? You can check out the article in The Charlotte Observer here.

Image via Seattle Times


Friday, June 5, 2015

Donuts, A Health Update, and Dog Nail Clippers

   It is furrriday!!! Yes! Ugh, I was so tired this morning but then I remembered today is National Donut Day. Dunkin Donuts will give you a free donut today when you order a beverage. So I ordered a medium plain iced latte (no flavor or sugar), an egg and cheese wake up wrap, and a chocolate frosted donut. I think they gave me the donut for free but I would not be surprised if they didn't b/c a lot of the Dunkin Donuts I have been to are pretty stingy and it just so happens that on the day they are giving away a free donut, their receipt printers aren't working. Sounds a little suspicious to me but oh well.

   So yesterday after work, I had a Doctor's appointment to receive my results from the Multiple Sleep Latency Test. I do not have Narcolepsy. At first I was disappointed because I wanted answers, but now I am relieved because if I had been diagnosed with Narcolepsy, it gets difficult with PennDot and driving. I think they have to take your driver's license away and can only give it back when you haven't had any black outs for a certain amount of months. I am very independent and although my sister lives with me right now, I can't depend on her to always drive me to run errands and she's going off to college soon, so then I will be living alone. And I drive an hour and 15 minutes to work. So I kind of need to drive and I really don't like being dependent on people anyways.

   The only thing he can think of right now that is causing blackouts is from when I don't get good sleep a few nights in a row from when I am in a lot of pain, my anxiety attacks, exhaustion, and stress. So there isn't much more that he can do but I have to continue being on a set schedule going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time as much as possible. I've been trying to do this for the past few months and on a night that I have work the next morning, if I go to bed even 30 minutes- an hour later than normal, there is a HUGE difference in the morning with me being even more tired. So that's the health update for now. I go to my Psychiatrist next Thursday.

   And now onto dog nail clippers. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate clipping dog's nails. I just suck at it. But I have to do it because the vets won't clip Gemma's nails because her quick is pretty much at the edge of her nails due to her previous owners not clipping them and she doesn't like the grinder. So I have been trying to clip even the tiniest bit of her nail(s) everyday in order to try to get the quick to recede. I used to take Tigger to Petsmart for his nails but stopped because they would put him in a headlock/ choke-hold whenever they did his back nails. He has bad hips and so when he is in pain, he just does not like getting the back ones done. I do not approve of putting a dog in a headlock, especially when reports have been coming up that dogs are dying from Petsmart doing this because they aren't getting oxygen, etc. This is especially dangerous with bulldogs and pugs who just so happen to be the breeds of dogs I have read about dying at Petsmart while they are getting their nails clipped. And then there's Audrey. The last time I took Tigger to Petsmart to get his nails done before I decided to never go there again, Audrey left Petsmart with nails that looked like they had hardly even been clipped. So I just saw that as a waste of money and didn't want to risk her getting put in headlocks either. She is so difficult with nail clipping but I now clip all of my dogs' nails.

   After they come inside after their last potty break of the night, I clip at least one nail on each of the dogs and give them a treat after. Gemma's and Tigger's nails are extremely hard and thick. One day after doing Gemma's nails, I started doing Tigger's and the nail clippers broke. I had been struggling to find a good cheap pair of guillotine nail clippers. I prefer this style because it is quicker, easier, less stressful, and gives a cleaner cut.
    I finally decided on this small pair from that are by Millers Forge and are only $5.99 (regular price). I LOVE them. They are really sharp and even come with a replacement blade for when the first blade goes dull. They are very lightweight and I got 4 nails clipped on each dog in 5 minutes or less (I'm thinking less but Audrey always takes the longest b/c she's a difficult brat). I've only used them once so far and already feel way more confident when clipping my dog's nails. Success!

   Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


   One more day until Friday!!! So last night my little sister graduated from High School. I'm so proud of her even though it was a given that she would graduate considering she is SUPER smart and has been in the highest level in her classes her entire life.

   The drive to the church was crazy. It should have been a 10 minute or less drive and ended up taking 30+ minutes. I still got there before it started but by the time I got there, there were pretty much no spots (both parking and seats inside the church). Luckily and thankfully they let my mom save me a spot near the road. So even though I had a good walk to and from the church, I was right by the road so that I could get out quicker instead of being stuck behind a long line of cars trying to leave.

   And I apologize in advance if some of the pictures are blurry. My mom took them. Sorry mom, but your photography skills just aren't all that great but it's ok. I still love you.

 People probably thought we were really weird.

 The pamphlet or schedule or whatever you call it.

 I am hoping my mom comes over this weekend and cuts my hair because it needs to be cut badly.

 I was going to wear a cute summer maxi dress but this graduation was in the evening and it ended up being cold. So I had 10 minutes to put an entire outfit together and decided to go with dark jeans. I love how stretchy and soft this peplum top is.

 I got these a few months ago from Charlotte Russe. This is my first time wearing them. I'm hoping that long walk broke them in. 
 Everyone is taking nothing but formal pictures and we're over here like:

   I can't believe that 6 years ago (I think my graduation was at the end of May though), I was graduating high school and now my sister has graduated. I wish her the best of luck in college and I know that she will do great. I love you Jennifer, I mean Jen. By the way, she hates when I call her Jennifer even though "Jennifer" is her real name. Congrats little sister!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hey, Guess What?

   Not only is it Hump Day but it is officially 1 month from my birthday! I probably shouldn't even be this excited because it's a month away and I have no plans but hey, I'll be another year older and I'm cool with that. I will be turning 24 the day before 4th of July!

   Anyways, this past weekend was not worth doing a weekend recap post because all I did was clean and the usual and get my oil changed- real exciting *sarcasm*. I know this post is super short but oh well, it happens.

   Keep your heads up! After we get through today, it is only 2 more days and then it is the weekend. Have a great Hump Day!