Birthday Week!!!

   Good Morning- 4 day work week this week, yeeesssssssss!!! And it is my birthday week, yay! I used to always say July was my birthday month and felt like I should be treated extra special for the whole month but as I've grown up over the years, I'm like so over it. Yea, a tiny bit of me still feels like I should be treated special the whole month but I'm really just like whatever. Like when I was younger, I'd always say that when I get a job, I will never work on my birthday. With my first few jobs, I did stay true to that but these past few years I'm just like meh. It's life and if I work on my birthday, I get paid and save paid time off for when I actually really need it. But this year I actually get off on my birthday and get paid since 4th of July doesn't fall on a "normal" day. Yay- kind of. And I'm definitely not one of those people who are freaking out and sad that they are getting older. I'm just like cool, I don't really care I guess or just feel neutral about it?

   Well, in honor of my birthday week, I'm going to share with you three birthday outfits over the past few years. I could show you pictures from my birthdays when I was younger buuuut that would require me getting out my box full of photos and going through each and every single photo since I haven't organized them (I've wanted to start scrap booking for years but it's just one of those things that I keep saying I want to do but never do but will eventually do one day) and I'm kind of trying to avoid taking old stuff out so that I can pack- which is going by very slowly. So here are pictures from the past 4 years except for 2012. I think I didn't get dressed up or go out on my birthday that year, oh well. Enjoy!

2014 (23)
 2013 (22)
 2010 (20)

   I still can't believe I'm turning 24 (on July 3rd- did I forget to mention that?) but what is even more of a shocker is that in just a tad over a month, my sister will be 18! I hope everyone tries to keep their spirits up this week b/c of the 4-day work week!



  1. Happy early birthday, what a great week to be celebrating! That pink dress is so pretty!

    1. Thank you and thank you! I ordered it last year online at Charlotte Russe. It was surprisingly thick which helped with the structuring of the dress. It was a tad short, so I work black spandex shorts underneath.

  2. Happy (almost) birthday! Yay for Cancer babies! Mine was June 27th. It's always nice having off on your birthday whether you have big plans or not! Enjoy the day!

    Natalie // Sprinkled with Pearls

    1. Thank you and if I didn't say happy birthday already then happy belated birthday!


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