Dang Girl, Put on Some Flats

   How is it only Tuesday??? Ugh. Anyways, so there has been news out there for a few years of a "normal" Barbie. Although not associated with Mattel, Nickolay Lamm had created one a while ago. But what Mattel has created is a Barbie that can wear flats! Girlfriend must be relieved because wearing heels for decades has got to wear a girl out! Not to mention that if she were real, she would probably have serious issues with her arches and toes.

   Finally, after 56 years, Barbie has become even more modern and realistic- to some extent. Rumor has it that there will be 23 new Barbie dolls that will have flexible ankles to allow Barbie to wear heels or flats, and that includes wedges! I am so excited and I wish I had a niece to get one for (I have one niece who is beyond way too old to play with barbies and the rest are nephews).

   So what do I hope this new Barbie will bring? I hope these Barbies will help girls to be more comfortable with their bodies and how they look. Yes, Barbie still has unrealistic body measurements, but these new feet are a start! At a very young age, a lot of little girls look up to Barbie and aspire to be her and think that's what you are supposed to look like when you grow up and you have to wear heels to be pretty like Barbie. Of course that does not apply to every little girl out there but it does to some. I know from my own experience that when I was younger, I couldn't wait to hit puberty and get boobs. I dreamed about what I would look like when I would be old enough to go to high school. I wanted to be skinny, have nice sized or big boobs, be a cheerleader and date the captain of the football team. I was obsessed with looks and I was completely boy crazy, all starting at a young age. While Barbie wasn't the complete reason for this, she definitely contributed.

   So what do you think of this new Barbie? You can check out the article in The Charlotte Observer here.

Image via Seattle Times



  1. Nice flats. :-) I have also since my birth severe allergies to many foods or ingredients in cosmetics. This is sometimes really annoying. I never know really what can I eat or use. New outfit is online...

    1. It's so difficult when you are limited to certain foods and cosmetics and ok, I will check it out now!

  2. Ha! As a girl who is pretty uncoordinated in heels, I'm glad Barbie has come to the comfort side!

    1. I don't know if it is just be getting older and leaning more towards comfort, but as I've gotten older I have noticed my heel walking ability has diminished. I used to walk so well in heels and I guess now that I wear flats so often, I'm just not used to it lol.

  3. I think thats pretty cool just because now your barbie should be able to stand on her own haha!


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