Destress to Success

    I am pretty much always stressed. Whether it is about money, my job, or even for no apparent reason at all. And I never knew how to properly deal with it. People have said to take a deep breath, do yoga, exercise, etc. and it just doesn't work for me. Everyone is different and everyone handles stress differently. Sometimes how you handle or deal with stress depends on the source of the stress. And now, thanks to Leo Willcocks and his book "Destress to Success" I know how to deal with the different stressors in my life.

   In Destress to Succcess, Willcocks discusses different kinds and sources of stress. Some of the stressors he discusses and explains, I didn't even realize were stressors. For example, in certain situations, you might get stressed. When you are in that situation again, you can end up being stressed even if it isn't stressful at that time because your brain is associating that situation with stress. Let's say that you're meeting your boyfriend's parents at their house for the first time and you are very nervous and stressed. Everything ends up going well and your boyfriend's parents like you. The next time and other times you go to their house to see them, you end up being stressed even though you know that they like you and there is nothing to be stressed about. Or let's say you didn't study for your History test and therefore, you are stressed. The next time you go to take a History test or test in general, you could be well prepared and studied the night before, yet you end up being stressed.

   He also uses a lot of analogies and really accurate ones that make things make more sense. One analogy I really liked was, "...another common way we respond is to make like an ostrich: stick our head in the sand and hope it passes by." That is definitely one way I sometimes "handle" or avoid handling stress. I will say that with all of the great analogies he makes, there is one that almost stopped me from continuing to read the book. I have very strong feelings when it comes to people saying Pit Bulls (and other bully breeds) are aggressive, mean, vicious dogs. The analogy I didn't like was, "What happens when, like pit bulls clamping onto a poor animal's neck, they hold on and won't let go?" Why did he have to single out the Pit Bull? Any breed of dog can do this and he should have just generalized it to a dog instead of this specific breed. This really got me irritated and angry but after I cooled down, I decided to finish reading the book because of how accurate and helpful it was so far.

   One of the many areas in life that he discusses stress is in relationships. He gives different scenarios (throughout the book) of real patients he worked with. Regarding relationships specifically, he explains how a man thinks and responds in a certain stressful situation and how women respond in those situations. He also explained what each sex needs or wants in those situations and it made so much sense! I now know what is going on inside a man's head (kind of) when this stuff is happening. Thank the Lord! I am always wondering what is going on in a man's head during stressful times like arguments and during fights and why they are acting a certain way.

   Overall, this book was EXTREMELY helpful and I will definitely keep it on hand and review it from time to time when I am stressed or in a certain stressful situation similar to ones he has discussed in his book. I will admit I don't read a lot. Up until I was about 22, I had only read like maybe 4 books completely. So for me to say that this was a really good helpful book is a big deal. I strongly recommend that everyone read this book, both men and women.


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  1. What an honest post. I'm wondering if blogging helps with stress because it allows us to channel creativity and voice an opinion. Have a good weekend!

    1. I don't think I've ever thought about how blogging helps with stress but I think you're right. Thank you, I hope you had a good weekend!


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