One more day until Friday!!! So last night my little sister graduated from High School. I'm so proud of her even though it was a given that she would graduate considering she is SUPER smart and has been in the highest level in her classes her entire life.

   The drive to the church was crazy. It should have been a 10 minute or less drive and ended up taking 30+ minutes. I still got there before it started but by the time I got there, there were pretty much no spots (both parking and seats inside the church). Luckily and thankfully they let my mom save me a spot near the road. So even though I had a good walk to and from the church, I was right by the road so that I could get out quicker instead of being stuck behind a long line of cars trying to leave.

   And I apologize in advance if some of the pictures are blurry. My mom took them. Sorry mom, but your photography skills just aren't all that great but it's ok. I still love you.

 People probably thought we were really weird.

 The pamphlet or schedule or whatever you call it.

 I am hoping my mom comes over this weekend and cuts my hair because it needs to be cut badly.

 I was going to wear a cute summer maxi dress but this graduation was in the evening and it ended up being cold. So I had 10 minutes to put an entire outfit together and decided to go with dark jeans. I love how stretchy and soft this peplum top is.

 I got these a few months ago from Charlotte Russe. This is my first time wearing them. I'm hoping that long walk broke them in. 
 Everyone is taking nothing but formal pictures and we're over here like:

   I can't believe that 6 years ago (I think my graduation was at the end of May though), I was graduating high school and now my sister has graduated. I wish her the best of luck in college and I know that she will do great. I love you Jennifer, I mean Jen. By the way, she hates when I call her Jennifer even though "Jennifer" is her real name. Congrats little sister!



  1. Congrats to your sister, you both look great! I love those booties, very cute!

  2. Love your outfit, so pretty. ^^

    1. Thank you! It was my first time wearing those booties and I think only the 2nd time wearing that shirt and that necklace.


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