More Sad News... Poor Batman

   Some more sad news... my mom's French Bulldog, Batman was put to sleep tonight. He has been having liver issues for a while now and his health has gone completely down hill. He's skinny, losing hair, having trouble walking, is having problems with his liver, is almost completely deaf, etc. He was at my house for a few days while my mom took her two English Bulldogs on a little road trip. Batman couldn't go because of his health and he starts having trouble breathing when he is stressed out- like when it's really hot and in car rides and stuff. Batman turned 10 years old almost a month ago. Frenchies tend to live longer than English Bulldogs. French Bulldogs tend to live 8-14 years.

   My sister has been the one to take care of him these past few days but I took care of him yesterday. He looked like a complete zombie and had no spark or light left in his eyes at all. He had trouble walking and couldn't even get up the one step to get onto the deck. He also had some trouble with going to the bathroom and had a lot of blood in his stool (he had some in it lately due to his liver but this was a lot more). He also wouldn't eat at all. He wouldn't eat his dog food, so I put a whole can of chicken noodle soup on it and he wouldn't even touch it. I put a noodle and the broth in his mouth and he let it drop out of his mouth and had no interest in it at all. My mom tried giving him some ham (my mom picked him up yesterday evening to take him home) and he wouldn't even eat that. It's clear that he is in a lot of pain and suffering. It is his time to cross over the rainbow bridge and into doggy Heaven. You can see it in his eyes and we can't let him keep suffering.

   So I'm going to tell you Batman's story. I was 13 and wanted a French Bulldog sooo bad. We had an American Bulldog and an English Bulldog at the time and I wanted a smaller dog that had the wrinkles and bulldog-like appearance and well, the Frenchie was perfect. I wanted to dress him or her up in clothes and be able to carry him or her. Finally, the summer I turned 14 (I believe we got him a few weeks after my 14th birthday), I got my wish. My mom's friend's neighbor's French Bulldog breeder had a litter of 3 puppies. A cream male, a brindle male, and a fawn with black mask female. The breeder was keeping the female, so I had a choice of one of the males. As soon as I went over and saw them, I immediately picked Batman (his name was Napoleon at the time). There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever. He was the smallest one and so thick, stocky, and just adorable. I remember while we were still there, we practiced putting them on their backs, b/c you should do that throughout their lives starting as puppies. He made this little noise that sounded like a cat's meow. He was just so cute.

   I named him Batman because French Bulldog's are notoriously known for their bat ears. On a funny note, besides "Bat," Batman's other nickname is Butt. He got this nickname b/c every single time he poops, we have to wipe his butt with baby wipes. No joke. And it has been like that from day one. Batman also makes a unique noise. He does not bark. He makes this weird noise that sounds like a mix between a chicken and a Furbie (anyone remember Furbies?!?). Oh yea, my mom also calls him Chicken Little.

   Anyways, I had a big silver handbag that I carried around and put him in it. No one ever noticed. I used to put him in it and take him to the mall and Target while he was still really young and tiny. I actually took him to my Freshman High School Orientation and only one teacher noticed and she didn't care because he was just so adorable. Although he was originally for me, he quickly bonded with my mother. They just had a special instant connection and he always wanted to be with her and be held by her. He was a complete mommy's boy (with my mother being his mommy). We actually made the mistake of holding him non-stop as a puppy. When you do this, they only want to be held even when they are older, especially if they like being held.

   We had a lot of great times little butt and I will always cherish the memories we had together. You will forever be in my heart and I know that your spirit will always be with us. Have fun playing with Boltneck, Ozzy, Sammy the Bull, and Magdalena Starr.

Batman at 8 weeks old taking a nap with me.

My sister with Batman at a photo shoot 3 years ago.

 How cute is he in his Halloween costume?! I made this costume. He was Owl from Winnie the Pooh last Halloween.



  1. So cute, Love dogs. xx


  2. So sorry for your loss, thinking of you and your family.

  3. I started to tear up while reading this. I know how hard it is to lose a fur family member. I grew up with my one dog and absolutely lost it when he passed away. I'm really sorry for your loss, I know that doesn't really help to hear that but just to know someone knows how you feel can help a little. It's a selfless act to do, to put an animal to sleep if they are truly suffering. It takes a lot of guts and love to do that. Again, I'm so sorry <3 May batman rest in doggy heaven and maybe he's playing with my doggy already :)

    1. Thank you so much Monica. The support from all of you really helps and I appreciate it.


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