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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On The Market

   Good Morning... Lord, I am most definitely more tired today than yesterday and that is rare. I am like insanely tired. Ugh. I know I haven't been posting much and that was because I was so busy trying to get my house on the market and house hunting. Well...
    My house is on the market ya'll!!! Yesterday afternoon it went on the market and then they came to put up the sign and put the lock box on my door!!!

 This is what I wore to go house hunting this past weekend. And I wore the Bauble Bar zodiac pendent my sister got me for my birthday again.
 My sister usually takes my pictures (or at least most of the pictures of me anyways). She cracks me up. I will definitely have to invest in a big mirror for my next house since she is going away to college in a few weeks!

   Fingers crossed that my house gets at least 1 showing this week. *knock on wood*


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Making Progress Here

   Good Morning... Oh my Lord it is almost Friday!!! I have been so busy. Finally got my house ready, so the photographer with the realtor company I hired took pictures yesterday! This means my house should be on the market this week (I would think by Monday at the latest). Yay, we are making progress here. I actually have a meeting with my realtor (the one selling my house) tonight to approve the information that will be in the listing. He says my house is very marketable. Not to mention I have so many new things in the house like new windows, new roof, new 6' tall privacy fence, all new stainless steel appliances (included), new washer and dryer (included), 3 new a/c units (included), some new ceilings, some new floors, some new dry wall, etc.

 Berger cookies! It's a Maryland thing. I grew up eating these and I'm like 99.9% sure I shouldn't have included these in what I ate for breakfast on the way to work this morning butttt they are so good!

 Finally got around to wearing the zodiac Bauble Bar necklace my sister got me for my birthday.
 The pendant was a little larger than I expected but I love it!
 Looking at houses was unsuccessful this past weekend. I'm hoping I'll be able to see all 4 houses that are on my new list this Saturday. Fingers crossed.

 Sunday morning/ during the day we had to go to my mom's for 6 hours so that the cleaning people could clean. Audrey (all 3 of the dogs actually) was not happy with my mom's basement floor. They were miserable being down there but loved my mom's humongous yard.
 To try to pass the time at my mom's (because my mom was busy), we played Yahtzee and Monopoly.
I think the only piece not shown here is the thimble.

   Don't even get me started on what happened when I came home after the cleaning people "cleaned". Let's just say it involved a delusional cleaning woman, broken items of mine, my house (all of its contents and furniture) completely changed and moved- not in a good way and let's note that she is a cleaning lady, not an effin' interior designer and she was supposed to only clean a.k.a her job and what I hired her to do and oh yea, a $710 cleaning bill. Apparently she is super experienced and I have the dirtiest house she has ever seen and my house would never have sold- I guess in her little delusional mind she thinks she's a realtor as well. Well that is the super super short vague version of what happened but I won't be hiring her ever again, so Bye Felicia.

   Just one more day and it's Friday! 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pet Giftbox #4

   Good Morning... Oh My Lord I am so freakin' tired. I went to bed later than usual last night because we were out getting all of the dogs shots done and it took a lot longer than expected. I didn't go to my local vet. There is vet clinic that goes to certain locations on certain dates and certain times and my mom has been going to them for years and they are amazing. Like seriously amazing. That's why it always takes so long because sooo many people come to them. We got there 30 minutes before they started and our ticket numbers were #s 92, 93, and 94 (and my mom was #95 for one of her dogs). Yea, there was a ton of people there. But they were awesome as usual.

   Anyways, over the weekend another Pet Giftbox came. I think this is #4 but don't hold me to it. It was bbq/ cookout themed, which I find very appropriate.

 Not the best picture quality, I know, but I saved a lot of money this month, a little over $20!

 It came with a steak, hamburger, and hot dog toy. All 3 of these are destroyed. The hot dog(s) are not 100% destroyed but they are almost there. The steak and hamburger were destroyed the day the box came. I think they were destroyed by the dogs within an hour.

 Petchup, Muttstard, & Bark B-Q. I used to put Muttstard (the turkey flavor) on Gemma and Tigger's food but then just eventually stopped. It was nice to get 3 samples I haven't tried giving them before. Petchup is beef flavored, although I have given them the turkey flavored Muttstard, they gave us a sample of their new salmon flavored Muttstard, and then the Bark B-Q is pork flavored. The dogs loved them on top of their food, as I thought they would

These were some nice treats. The ones on the left look similar to hamburger patties but are pretty hard and the ones on the right resemble cut up hot dogs. The hot dog ones smell like beef jerky...yum. The dogs really enjoyed these but I think Gemma probably liked the hot dog ones better because they were so soft and she has a gum disorder type thing and has missing teeth. So the softer the better. 

Speaking of Gemma. I asked these vets how old they thought the princess was and they concluded that she is 7 1/2, which is pretty much what everyone has thought. According to the shelter, she would be 4 1/2 but nope, she's 7 1/2. It's kind of sad because now I know she has less years left with me but I know that they will be some amazing years. She came from an abused neglected home and 2 shelters to my home, where she is completely spoiled. And just because she is older doesn't mean I love her any less. I will love this beautiful girl forever, forever, forever. By the way, ignore the 2 goobers in the back photobombing this picture.

   Happy Hump Day!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

   Well, as of this past Friday, we are officially in the dog days of summer. What does that mean? The dog days of summer are the days of the summer with the hottest temperatures. The dog days of summer are July 3rd through August 11th. Fun Fact (or at least I think so): I was born on the 1st dog day of summer/ the start of the dog days of summer and my sister was born on the last day of the dog days of summer. I just think that is kind of funny and ironic.

   So with it being extremely hot, we need to protect not only ourselves, but our pets. This is not a sponsored post. I am recommending products that I have used or people I know have used that are successful in the aid of trying to keep our dogs cool during hot weather.

   1. Baby Pools/ Kiddie Pools

   2. A/C, A/C Window Units, & Fans (and crate fans)

   3. Water & Ice Cubes

   4. Keep Your Dog's Paws Wet with Water. You can soak washcloths with water and then wrap your dog's paws in them.

   5. Check if the Pavement is Too Hot for Your Dog to Walk On. Generally, you put you hand on the pavement to check if it is too hot. Part of my asphalt driveway leads into my yard, so when it is really hot out, I put towels down for the dogs to walk from the door to the grass and spray the towels down with water. If you have no choice but to walk your dog, limit the walk and put one of the dog paw protection wax products on their pads or use booties.

                           Musher's                                               Nutri-Vet

   6. Limit Walks and Time Outside

   7. Know the Signs & Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in Dogs. Here are a few I found online:

   8. Kool Collars- I have this one (I think the middle one) in black. It is a collar (not used for walking or to clip a leash onto) with little gel packs similar to ice packs inside. You simply take the tube of gel packs out and put them in the freezer until they are cold and then you slip them back into the collar and clip it around your dog's neck. You can also put ice cubes inside the collar.

   9. Cool/ Gel Mats- this is the exact one I have and it's only $12.99!

   10. Cooling Vests

   11. Do Not Leave Your Dog in an Enclosed Car, Even if You Have the Windows Down

   Stay cool!


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Birthday and Weekend Recap

   Good Morning. Ugh, I was going to do this post yesterday buuut I didn't. It was a very dreaded tiring Monday. I swear, this summer the work days are going by so slow and the weekends are going by way too fast.

   But hey, let me give you a little recap of my birthday. So Friday was my 24th birthday! I finally got to wear that gorgeous maxi dress from Forever21 that I bought a while back. I LOVE it. It is so comfortable!!! It clings in the right places perfectly and is loose and flowy in the right places as well. But besides my outfit, I had a really great birthday. I woke up pretty early for it being my birthday- 4:45 a.m.! Because we wanted to get things rolling early to beat traffic and get things done. So I hauled my butt to Starbucks for a grande mocha frappuccino, no whip, with raspberry drizzle and then headed for my mom's house where an extra crispy bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich was waiting for me...and two overly excited English Bulldogs, George and Gretta.

 Not a great picture of my feet but I love these sandals from American Eagle. Audrey chewed on the one and almost made them not wearable. Luckily I caught her in time so that the belt strap wasn't completely chewed off on the right shoe.

 I love this crochet trim on the dress! It lines the edge of the "flap" part towards the bust of the dress and it is also in two parts of the dress closer to the bottom/ calf area. 

After I was done eating, my mom and I headed on down to The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. It is one of my favorite places to go. I love this aquarium specifically and used to go there a ton growing up. Even though I am older, I still enjoyed it so much. They have changed a tiny bit of things that I didn't necessarily like but one of the new cooler things is that you can touch stingrays and horseshoe crabs. I touched a stingray with the tip of my pointer finger for like a millisecond. I was so nervous and didn't think I'd actually do it. Oh and I got to touch a jellyfish too! They have that there now as well. I was pretty nervous about touching one b/c you can only touch them on the very top in order not to get stung and the jellyfish kept turning sideways and upside down but as soon as one was in the right position, I hurried up and touched it.

 I didn't take hardly any pictures at all but I had to get a picture of this catfish. The picture turned out best in black and white. Of course when I finally decided to take a picture, the catfish didn't want to come over to the glass and look at us anymore. He was HUGE. My mom and I were arguing at first because I said he had to be about 4' long and she said 2'. Turns out I was right, ha! He was 4.3' long. 

 And then the poor old sea turtle had to go to the very bottom to rest because he only has 3 flippers. Sea turtles can live for a VERY long time and this sea turtle has been there for a heck of a long time because I remember him always or almost always being there. He does look paler and moving a lot less and slower, so he must be super super old now. But he is still really cute.

   After being at the aquarium for a few hours, we walked on over to The Cheesecake Factory. It was about 5 minutes until they opened so we stopped into a candy factory- I forget what it was called. They had every type of candy- new and old- that you could think of and had mega sized versions of it. We of course had to get a little bit. I consciously only filled my bag about 1/4 of the way while my mom had hers almost completely full. So we stopped ourselves before we lost control and headed back to The Cheesecake Factory. I didn't get any pictures here either but I love The Cheesecake Factory and after our meal, I got my favorite Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake. We were so stuffed by the time we left there. And then we drove to go meet with my Realtor to go look at a house but that isn't even worth talking about because it was a no in my book.

Finally! My birthday present from my sister came in the mail yesterday!!! 
 It is the Pearl Zodiac Amulet from Bauble Bar.
And of course my zodiac sign is Cancer the Crab. I love it!!!

   4th of July wasn't really all that worth mentioning because I was so tired from my birthday the day before. I wore red, white, and blue in the form of lounge wear and didn't even watch fireworks. I decided to stay inside to keep the dogs calm. I was worried the fireworks would trigger a seizure for Audrey but she did pretty decently and no seizure! *knock on wood* Tigger would not shut up though lol. He kept barking every single time. Luckily his barking didn't always get Gemma and Audrey to join in on the barking too but it did happen a few times but hey, they are dogs.

   Either way, I had a really fun birthday and the weekend went by way too fast. I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July!!!


Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 4th Outfit Inspiration Part 2

   Yay, last day of work this week and my 24th birthday is tomorrow!!! This is going to be a short one. Yesterday was part 1 of the July 4th outfits I created on Polyvore and now here is Part 2.

   I hope everyone has a great weekend and awesome and safe 4th of July! Remember to be courteous of veterans when it comes to fireworks.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 4th Outfit Inspiration Part 1

   Good Morning everyone! Yes, all we have to do is get through today and tomorrow! I'm counting down every day until my birthday/ 3-day weekend. Not that I don't usually count down the days until the weekend, but I think I'm just more enthusiastic about this weekend. I have some fun plans for my birthday, which don't include sleeping in, but I'll fill ya'll in on that on Monday.

   So I showed you my 4th of July outfits I've worn the past few years yesterday and today and tomorrow I will show you my two favorite looks I've put together for 4th of July on Polyvore.

   Happy Hump Day!