Birthday and Weekend Recap

   Good Morning. Ugh, I was going to do this post yesterday buuut I didn't. It was a very dreaded tiring Monday. I swear, this summer the work days are going by so slow and the weekends are going by way too fast.

   But hey, let me give you a little recap of my birthday. So Friday was my 24th birthday! I finally got to wear that gorgeous maxi dress from Forever21 that I bought a while back. I LOVE it. It is so comfortable!!! It clings in the right places perfectly and is loose and flowy in the right places as well. But besides my outfit, I had a really great birthday. I woke up pretty early for it being my birthday- 4:45 a.m.! Because we wanted to get things rolling early to beat traffic and get things done. So I hauled my butt to Starbucks for a grande mocha frappuccino, no whip, with raspberry drizzle and then headed for my mom's house where an extra crispy bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich was waiting for me...and two overly excited English Bulldogs, George and Gretta.

 Not a great picture of my feet but I love these sandals from American Eagle. Audrey chewed on the one and almost made them not wearable. Luckily I caught her in time so that the belt strap wasn't completely chewed off on the right shoe.

 I love this crochet trim on the dress! It lines the edge of the "flap" part towards the bust of the dress and it is also in two parts of the dress closer to the bottom/ calf area. 

After I was done eating, my mom and I headed on down to The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. It is one of my favorite places to go. I love this aquarium specifically and used to go there a ton growing up. Even though I am older, I still enjoyed it so much. They have changed a tiny bit of things that I didn't necessarily like but one of the new cooler things is that you can touch stingrays and horseshoe crabs. I touched a stingray with the tip of my pointer finger for like a millisecond. I was so nervous and didn't think I'd actually do it. Oh and I got to touch a jellyfish too! They have that there now as well. I was pretty nervous about touching one b/c you can only touch them on the very top in order not to get stung and the jellyfish kept turning sideways and upside down but as soon as one was in the right position, I hurried up and touched it.

 I didn't take hardly any pictures at all but I had to get a picture of this catfish. The picture turned out best in black and white. Of course when I finally decided to take a picture, the catfish didn't want to come over to the glass and look at us anymore. He was HUGE. My mom and I were arguing at first because I said he had to be about 4' long and she said 2'. Turns out I was right, ha! He was 4.3' long. 

 And then the poor old sea turtle had to go to the very bottom to rest because he only has 3 flippers. Sea turtles can live for a VERY long time and this sea turtle has been there for a heck of a long time because I remember him always or almost always being there. He does look paler and moving a lot less and slower, so he must be super super old now. But he is still really cute.

   After being at the aquarium for a few hours, we walked on over to The Cheesecake Factory. It was about 5 minutes until they opened so we stopped into a candy factory- I forget what it was called. They had every type of candy- new and old- that you could think of and had mega sized versions of it. We of course had to get a little bit. I consciously only filled my bag about 1/4 of the way while my mom had hers almost completely full. So we stopped ourselves before we lost control and headed back to The Cheesecake Factory. I didn't get any pictures here either but I love The Cheesecake Factory and after our meal, I got my favorite Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake. We were so stuffed by the time we left there. And then we drove to go meet with my Realtor to go look at a house but that isn't even worth talking about because it was a no in my book.

Finally! My birthday present from my sister came in the mail yesterday!!! 
 It is the Pearl Zodiac Amulet from Bauble Bar.
And of course my zodiac sign is Cancer the Crab. I love it!!!

   4th of July wasn't really all that worth mentioning because I was so tired from my birthday the day before. I wore red, white, and blue in the form of lounge wear and didn't even watch fireworks. I decided to stay inside to keep the dogs calm. I was worried the fireworks would trigger a seizure for Audrey but she did pretty decently and no seizure! *knock on wood* Tigger would not shut up though lol. He kept barking every single time. Luckily his barking didn't always get Gemma and Audrey to join in on the barking too but it did happen a few times but hey, they are dogs.

   Either way, I had a really fun birthday and the weekend went by way too fast. I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July!!!



  1. I love aquariums, it's definitely one of my favorite things to do when I'm on vacation. I'll have to add the one in Baltimore on my list of places to visit. Glad you had a great birthday, you looked great in your dress.

    1. Yes, you definitely should add it to your list! And thank you so much Alex.

  2. I love the floral print maxi!! So beautiful :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  3. Happy belated birthday girl! Also, I checked out that link about the minion wedding, how friggin adorable haha. I wouldn't do it but it's a cute idea.

    1. Thank you and yea, I wouldn't do it either but thought it was still cute haha.


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