On The Market

   Good Morning... Lord, I am most definitely more tired today than yesterday and that is rare. I am like insanely tired. Ugh. I know I haven't been posting much and that was because I was so busy trying to get my house on the market and house hunting. Well...
    My house is on the market ya'll!!! Yesterday afternoon it went on the market and then they came to put up the sign and put the lock box on my door!!!

 This is what I wore to go house hunting this past weekend. And I wore the Bauble Bar zodiac pendent my sister got me for my birthday again.
 My sister usually takes my pictures (or at least most of the pictures of me anyways). She cracks me up. I will definitely have to invest in a big mirror for my next house since she is going away to college in a few weeks!

   Fingers crossed that my house gets at least 1 showing this week. *knock on wood*



  1. Good luck on the sale and house hunting darling. You look great in your pics :)

    1. Thank you and thank you! My house was on the market for less than 24 hours before I got a call for a showing. So someone looked at the house last night. Another person was scheduled for tonight but the showing agent cancelled. Doesn't give a reason, I'm hoping it was just because they couldn't make it or something.

  2. Hope you get a great offer on your house, here's to new beginnings!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so excited but so nervous.

  3. Lovely, dear, thank you for visiting my blog. Pls, keep in touch, dear.



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