Pet Giftbox #4

   Good Morning... Oh My Lord I am so freakin' tired. I went to bed later than usual last night because we were out getting all of the dogs shots done and it took a lot longer than expected. I didn't go to my local vet. There is vet clinic that goes to certain locations on certain dates and certain times and my mom has been going to them for years and they are amazing. Like seriously amazing. That's why it always takes so long because sooo many people come to them. We got there 30 minutes before they started and our ticket numbers were #s 92, 93, and 94 (and my mom was #95 for one of her dogs). Yea, there was a ton of people there. But they were awesome as usual.

   Anyways, over the weekend another Pet Giftbox came. I think this is #4 but don't hold me to it. It was bbq/ cookout themed, which I find very appropriate.

 Not the best picture quality, I know, but I saved a lot of money this month, a little over $20!

 It came with a steak, hamburger, and hot dog toy. All 3 of these are destroyed. The hot dog(s) are not 100% destroyed but they are almost there. The steak and hamburger were destroyed the day the box came. I think they were destroyed by the dogs within an hour.

 Petchup, Muttstard, & Bark B-Q. I used to put Muttstard (the turkey flavor) on Gemma and Tigger's food but then just eventually stopped. It was nice to get 3 samples I haven't tried giving them before. Petchup is beef flavored, although I have given them the turkey flavored Muttstard, they gave us a sample of their new salmon flavored Muttstard, and then the Bark B-Q is pork flavored. The dogs loved them on top of their food, as I thought they would

These were some nice treats. The ones on the left look similar to hamburger patties but are pretty hard and the ones on the right resemble cut up hot dogs. The hot dog ones smell like beef jerky...yum. The dogs really enjoyed these but I think Gemma probably liked the hot dog ones better because they were so soft and she has a gum disorder type thing and has missing teeth. So the softer the better. 

Speaking of Gemma. I asked these vets how old they thought the princess was and they concluded that she is 7 1/2, which is pretty much what everyone has thought. According to the shelter, she would be 4 1/2 but nope, she's 7 1/2. It's kind of sad because now I know she has less years left with me but I know that they will be some amazing years. She came from an abused neglected home and 2 shelters to my home, where she is completely spoiled. And just because she is older doesn't mean I love her any less. I will love this beautiful girl forever, forever, forever. By the way, ignore the 2 goobers in the back photobombing this picture.

   Happy Hump Day!



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    1. The dogs love getting their monthly Pet Giftbox but I'm contemplating switching because the quality of the toys just seem to be getting worse. Someone on a bulldog page had recommended one for tough chewers. I can't remember what it is called but I have it saved on my comp at home. So I'm thinking about switching to that one.

  2. Great post dear. I hope you visit my blog also. I wish you happy rest of the week and the weekend. Keep in touch pls. Kiss

    1. Thank you and I will head on over to your page now.

  3. My Misa only eats soft tiny puppy treats (despite her 80lb size). Those Nathan one's look like something she would enjoy.


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