Gotcha Day

   Ugh, it's only Tuesday? And it has been thundering. Lovely. I am tired as F***.

   So ironically, I got my dogs around the same time each year I got them. Not only do I celebrate their birthdays, I also celebrate their Gotcha Days- the day I got them. Audrey's was August 2, 2014, so I have had this little naughty girl 1 year as of this past Sunday. Tigger's is August 3, 2013 and I have had him for 2 years as of yesterday. And finally, Gemma's is August 4, 2012, so I have had this princess for 3 years today! It's funny how that little pattern happened. I joked around a few times this year that if I got a fourth dog this year, that it would be August 1st to continue the pattern. But as you can see, I did not get a fourth dog. Even though I consider Gemma and Audrey medium-sized breeds, they are considered large breeds. So I think having 3 large breed dogs by myself is enough for me.

   And what is a celebration without presents?!?!

 Tigger is a chewer. He destroyed a bunch of Gemma's toys and he taught Audrey to destroy the rest. He has also chewed up my couch and has taught Audrey this as well. So my couch is destroyed. The cushions are ripped open and springs are coming out of the actual couch. Oh well. Either way, he really likes bones but I usually never give him edible or flavored bones b/c he will chew them until they are small enough to swallow and we cannot have that. I had read a lot of great reviews on this Nylabone Dura Chew specifically from English Bulldog owners and after all, he is an English Bulldog mix. I decided to get the largest size, which I believe is the Super Wolf or Wolf Super? He loves it but I have been limiting his time with it because he gets obsessive over chewing bones and wants to chew them all day until they are almost gone. I don't want to jinx it buttttttttt I think this might last longer than previous bones b/c it is so big.

 These two toys are for the girls. They aren't specifically for one of the girls. I knew both Audrey and Gemma would love both of these toys and momma was right. I had been thinking about getting them a Wobble Wag Giggle ball for a while. I actually remember us having one for one of our labs growing up. It is hilarious and Audrey kicks it around like a soccer ball. And they both love toys by Tuffy. They seem to hold up *knock on wood* So I got one of their Sea Creatures. Larry the Lobster, who I call "Lobby". I haven't completely checked him out thoroughly but I know he has a squeaker in each claw. Audrey has already ripped off one of those tiny legs but it didn't leave a hole in the toy- thank God. By the way, I got all 3 toys from Amazon.

 And b/c I don't bake as much anymore and sometimes get so fatigued and weak during baking, I can't even finish mixing the batter. So I got my sister, their auntie, to make the pupcakes. I have been saying forever that I'm going to make the dogs pupcakes but never have. I briefly searched a few recipes and narrowed it down to 3. One had carob chips in it and another one had carob powder in it. I really wanted to try making one of these, especially the carob chip one b/c they are good for dogs and Gemma has had treats with carob chips in them before. But I could not find carob chips or carob powder unfortunately. So I got my sister to make these last night. I got the recipe off of Dog Tipper's website. They are called Dog Birthday Cupcakes but I call any type of cupcakes for dogs "pupcakes". They didn't call for too many ingredients and I liked that they incorporated canned pumpkin, peanut butter, and cream cheese into this recipe. The dogs LOVED them. I only gave them one each last night, so they will be overjoyed to have more today and a few more days this week. 

   Well, I hope everyone's week is off to a good start!



  1. I just love how you made cupcakes for them (well, your sister - and how thoughtful and sweet was that of her to do for you and them!!).

    At first when I read "Gotcha days" I was like what! But it makes sense. We must celebrate our fur-kids at every opportunity. :)


    1. I definitely treat them like they are my children lol.

  2. Happy Birthday to your pups! It looks like you definitely spoiled them, those dog cupcakes look awesome!

    1. The pupcakes were a little weird in texture from a human's perspective but I am really glad I made my sister use the paper cupcake holder things b/c they would have been a nightmare to get out of the cupcake tin in one piece.

  3. OMG, what a sweet idea. I also cooked my dog on his birthday something delicious. He was so happy about it. Just incredible how animals look forward to little things. ;-) New post is online...

    1. I agree. I think it also reminds us of how we stop and appreciate the little things in life.


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