Tattoosday: Tattoo Fails

   So most of you know that I love tattoos and love getting tattooed. I came across one of those sites of hilarious tattoo fails today. If you go to Google, they will give you more than enough images and links showcasing these fails from spelling errors to freakishly scary messed up portraits.

   I thought I'd give y'all a laugh today and share some hilarious tattoos that have spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If you go to a good artist, know spelling and grammar yourself, and make your artist write the word or quote or whatever on the area of your body in marker and look at it prior to them starting the tattoo, then this shouldn't happen.

   I'm sharing just a few of the many tattoo fails from Just Something

I feel like a lot of tattoos that I see with the word "regret" always have a spelling error whether it is the actual word "regret" or a word in the quote. Pretty Ironic huh?

In some cases, I think the person getting tattooed and/ or the artist thinks they are using the correct form of the word or correct spelling even though it's wrong. Maybe they should double check that...

Well, I'm not quite sure what "ridioulous" is but I don't think I'd want to be it.

You only live once so you might as well get "You Only Life Once" tattooed on you, right? 

   Please remember to do extensive research when choosing a tattoo shop and the Tattoo Artist. Unless you want to take the risk and let the artist do your tattoo freehand, I suggest you make him or her draw/ write it out on the area getting tattooed, and then go look at it in the mirror before they start tattooing. 

Happy Tattoosday!



  1. Love the last quote. ^^
    New outfit is online...

    1. I really like quotes and tattoos that are quotes. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to lots of quotes.

  2. Lololol! What is the matter with people? Are they drunk or stupid when they get inked up?
    I've seen some funny links on the web to face tattoo fails and people are just retarded! Lol

    1. I agree!!! There are just too many stupid people out there... like the ones who claim that they got serious infections from getting tattooed. Most of the people who get infections didn't use proper aftercare or aftercare at all or they just couldn't handle the pain of a sensitive area. What a world we live in lol.


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