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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekend Recap/ Date Night

   Hey y'all, I'm still here! Lord I really need to try to get on my blogging game but selling and buying a house at the same time and packing is very time consuming. Plus I had been way busier with work than usual. But it is almost Fridayyy!!! I really do need to get these weekend recap posts posted earlier in the week though.

   So I'm going to keep this a little brief and not give you all of the details buuut I met someone. He is amazing, like uhmazing and everything I could ask for in a man and more. We have been seeing each other everyday since the 17th- isn't that crazy?- but so awesome. So I will keep it at that for now and leave you with a few sub par pictures of my outfit I wore on our date Friday night to Texas Roadhouse.

 I loved this outfit!

 I seriously love love LOVE these boots! I do not know why I don't wear them more often. They are both stylish and super comfortable.

Boyfriend Flannel: Old Navy; Cami: Forever21; Necklace: Bauble Bar; Shorts: Charlotte Russe; Boots: Journeys


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

   Omg, thank God it is Friday tomorrow- forreal. I have been so busy and on the verge of literally losing my mind. So let's just cut to the chase. Even though this post is late, I wanted to give y'all a little recap of this past weekend.

 My amazing wonderful mom cut my hair.
And I dyed it.
 I saw this new hair dye in Walmart and decided to give it a try. It's a few bucks more but so far I am LOVING it!!! It is awesome and also didn't take forever to rinse the dye out in the shower. I think that's one of my favorite things about it. After sitting in the bathroom for 30 minutes impatiently and anxiously waiting to be able to rinse out the dye, I do not want to be in the shower for another 30 minutes trying to get all of the dye rinsed out. So Schwarzkopf definitely won a spot in my book.

 Aaand I got my nose pierced! I felt so naked not having my nose pierced for the last 7-8 months. As some of you know, I have had the right nostril pierced twice. I had to get it pierced a 2nd time b/c when I tried changing out the jewelry after it had been a year since I had it pierced, I couldn't get the new jewelry in and nose piercings close up QUICK. Like less than 24 hours quick. And then of course I didn't give it time to heal before getting it pierced a 2nd time. It had so much scar tissue and took what seemed like forever to get the jewelry in. Because of all of the scar tissue, the jewelry ended up sitting a little odd and I ultimately decided to get it taken out, wait the recommended time for it to heal, and then get it pierced again. I waited a little extra and then I ended up opting for the left nostril. I really really really didn't want the left side done but the right side has a scar (so it probably still has a lot of scar tissue) and my nostril dips in a little more on that side, so I thought getting the left done would probably be the smartest decision. Either way, I am so happy to have my nose pierced again.

 I got my first bag of candy corn of the season! Love candy corn.

 Ummm so Cheez-Its now also come with letters on them. I'm sure it's a limited time thing but I love Scrabble! So I organized all of the letters I got and...
Played some Cheez-It Scrabble lol. I know, I'm such a dork and I was so close to using all of my pieces! I had 3 T's and 1 C left over. It was fun though haha.

And I got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Yum.

   Hope y'all are enjoying your week and stay sane! Friday is almost here.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day, Weekend Recap, & 1 Year Blogiversary?

   Sooo happy belated Labor Day! I am so freakin drained this morning. Forreal. This weekend (including Labor Day) was filled with cleaning and packing. So no relaxing for this girl. The dogs did more than enough resting and relaxing for all of us though.

   I am still lacking on doing blog posts and probably will still be for the next few weeks or so but I am really going to try my best to pick that up or at least post a little more during some weeks. Once again, I apologize for that.

   But anyways, these sales- pre and post Labor Day- are killing me! Some emails about the sales I save, some I delete, and some I actually go to the site and briefly check out, but I can't buy anything. I am dying inside but have been really good about not buying clothes, jewelry, accessories, or even dog clothes and toys these past few months. I'm really trying hard here. I just need to watch my money with all of the expenses that come with selling and buying a house. Pluuus I am planning on pretty much redecorating almost every single room. My new house will definitely be looking a lot different than how I decorated my current house. That means lots of money that will have to be spent. Living solo, besides the dogs, means that I pay for all of the decor, furniture, etc. myself- but I'm not complaining. So it is definitely going to take a hell of a long time to finish decorating my house. I want to take it nice and slow for the sake of my finances and making sure I get my house looking just right. Plus in the near future, I plan on rewarding myself with a tattoo or two and that will take a big chunk of change out of my wallet.

   Oh yea and either today or tomorrow is my 1 year Blogiversary. I'm really thinking it is tomorrow but then again, who knows because I've been so brain dead lately. I do know that tomorrow marks 1 year from my first blog post so we are just going to count 9/9/15 as DogMomChic's 1 year Blogiversary, ok? Cool. I really don't have a special post or post planned for that at all but I will say, I can't believe how quick that first year passed. I have learned a lot and have so much more to learn and can't wait to see what the future holds. So cheers to more years of blogging!

   By the way, why the hell has it been so hot lately? I feel like some of these days are hotter than it got during July and August which makes no sense at all. I definitely plan on getting a Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte this Saturday but I'd really really really enjoy it more if it was much cooler this weekend. As I've gotten older, I've noticed that I am more ready for the Fall as the Summer days are coming to an end. I'm not ready for it to be below 50s- 60s but I'm definitely ready for boots, light sweaters, cozy socks, and scarves. Who's with me?

  Ok, sooo I'm just going to stop all of my crazy all over the place chatting and publish this post. On that note, here is a picture of the beautiful Audrey Georgina from yesterday in true bulldog form being stubborn and not wanting to come inside, thus making me pick her up and carry her.