Halloween and Tigger Turns 3

   Yay, it's Friday!!! I have been so busy- during the week and on the weekends. I need to give myself a kick in the ass tomorrow morning and make sure I get the floors in the house cleaned because they sure do need it. But first let's give a late weekend recap.

   So I usually hand make all of the dogs' Halloween costumes (with the exception of Audrey's costume last year), but with selling a house and moving in the beginning of October, I knew that it just wasn't going to happen this year. It would've been so extremely stressful and I just didn't really have the time at all. So I just used pieces of clothing and accessories that they already had in their wardrobes.

Audrey as Minnie Mouse

Tigger as a Cowboy

She is so sassy sometimes
Gemma as a Punk Princess

   They were actually all really excited to dress up and take pictures. Audrey was very excited to show Jesse her costume when he came home from work. She just absolutely adores him and he adores her [insert heart eyes emoji]. Even though Gemma is THE princess, Jesse calls Audrey his princess.

   Besides dressing up the dogs and running errands, we went to Jesse's friend's house for a dinner they were having (no dressing up involved) later that night. I overindulged in sangria- whoops- but we had a really great time. It was a lot of fun.

First picture of my new man on the blog 

   Once Halloween was over, it was time to celebrate Tigger's (formerly known as Mowgli) birthday! This little boy turned 3 on November 1st (and so did my mom's English Bulldog, George a.k.a Prince George). We really didn't do much celebrating but I did give him some extra treats and put his birthday shirt on, which I think makes him feel special. And Jesse worked on Tigger's dog bed some more, which is almost finished. Oh yea, did I forget to mention that Jesse is making a pallet dog bed for Tigger and then a big pallet dog bed for all of the dogs for the bedroom? Can't wait until they are all finished so that I can show y'all!!! There is so much that I want to do to the house but I know that it is going to take a long time. So I do plan to start showing you what I have done to the rooms/ house so far and what I plan on doing to them soon.

Yes, I know, these aren't the best pictures but we were all tired on Sunday and Tigger was so beyond done with taking pictures. At least I got some great ones of him on Halloween.

   I cannot wait until next Halloween! I plan to hand make their costumes next year and I already have a few ideas. Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!



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