Tattoo #8: Audrey, My English Bulldog

   This is so beyond late but 4 weeks ago I got tattoo #8. I went back to my main man Don at Tattoo Dynasty and I got Audrey's face/ head tattooed on me.

   I've wanted an English Bulldog tattoo for a while but never thought in a million years I would actually get one (unless it was an animated type one) because I was so scared that whatever artist I went to would screw it up. Portraits are really difficult to tattoo in general whether they are of a person or an animal. But when I saw some of Don's recent amazing black and white realism animals he had tattooed, I knew I had to hit him up and ask if he wanted to do a black and white realism English Bulldog tattoo on me. Of course he said yes.

   I decided that I didn't want a full body of an English Bulldog tattooed on me and I was flexible with whether or not he was going to actually tattoo Audrey on me. I was open to him just tattooing a generic bulldog's face but I also sent him pictures of Audrey. I tried my best to get some good pictures of her but that girl can be stubborn- although recently she seems to have grown fond of the camera. Whether he tattooed a generic English Bulldog on me or actually tattooed Audrey, one thing was for sure, the bulldog tattoo had to have her markings. The most important part being her winged/ cat eye eyeliner markings. It isn't uncommon for an English Bulldog- or any type of bulldog- to have eyeliner markings but I have yet to see one with the cat eye eyeliner markings and those markings around both eyes. Besides the fact that I love those markings on her, it also made the tattoo more personal.

   Ultimately we decided to combine a photo of Audrey and a photo of a full grown adult English Bulldog that had a similar head and face shape to Audrey's. Audrey is only a year and a half old, so she still has somewhat of a puppy face. English Bulldogs grow until they are 3 and while I don't really think she'll get much bigger, she will probably get wider (both in her body and head). I could've gotten Audrey's head/ face- ok, I'm just going to refer to it as her face- tattooed exactly how she looks now but it just wasn't what I wanted. I've seen people get their English Bulldogs tattooed on them as puppies and that's cool and all but for me personally, I wanted a more adult version of her. I know, I'm complicated.

   Anyways... so on Friday, October 16th, I hauled my ass on down to Don's shop after work and taking care of the babies. I was stoked and I had complete confidence in him. While tattooing me, he taped a picture of the generic bulldog we had decided on and a picture or 2 (I can't remember if it was 1 or 2 but I think 2) of Audrey onto his leg as a reference. [God I love being tattooed. It is so relaxing, especially at Tattoo Dynasty- the atmosphere is just so awesome.] Each time he got more and more of the tattoo completed, I loved it just that much more.

   I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It makes me smile every time I look at it and I literally cannot stop looking at it. I have my little baby roley poley Audrey Georgina on me forever.

   Oh yea and guess what? This was the first English Bulldog Don has ever tattooed and the 4th dog portrait he has ever done. I definitely feel extra special.

   Here are some fresh pictures I took when I got home after getting tattooed.

   And here are some healed pictures:

   Have a great weekend!



  1. Beautiful Hun. Love the eyeliner and underbite. :)

  2. Love the tattoo! Such a great piece.

    1. Thank you Monica. I think this is definitely my new favorite tattoo.


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