Weekend Recap and Christmas Pictures

   Hey I didn't do that bad this week. I actually got a weekend recap posted the day after Monday instead of the mid- end of the week. I'm really trying here.

   This past weekend was busy, as usual. Jesse played golf on Saturday while I ran some errands and worked on laundry and cleaning. There is still so much to do with the house between buying things, painting, decor, etc. My goal is to have the bedroom, living room, hallway, and kitchen painted by the end of this month. The 3rd bedroom as well as some other rooms and projects have been put on the back burner for right now. The only room that has been painted so far is the dog room and I still need to paint the trim in there. I'm hoping to paint the bedroom this weekend.

   Sunday morning after the dogs were fed and Jesse made us breakfast and got me a peppermint mocha latte from Starbucks, we gave all 3 dogs baths. They needed them badly. I slacked on giving them baths with the move and unpacking and everything. There's still some clay dirt in my yard from when I had the new fence installed and it is getting the dogs very dirty. So besides the fact that they needed baths, I also bathed them because I wanted to take their Christmas photos.

   It was a little difficult getting their photos but I mean, I am dealing with three dogs here and trying to get them all in one photo. Overall, I'd still call it a success. If you've seen my Facebook or Instagram, then you've already seen all of the photos from their little shoot. I'm pretty positive that I have the picture picked out for this year's Christmas card but I might end up choosing a 2nd photo to go on the back of the card. I'm not sure yet but I have a little bit of time to decide since I haven't even picked out the cards yet. Here are just a few of the photos but you can see more on my Instagram and Facebook.

Sitting youngest to oldest. 

Sitting oldest to youngest.

They are so precious!!!

Look at all of that drool while Gemma is just being cute and Audrey is sniffing the enemy a.k.a a leaf. 

Treat bribing was a must this year.
And as you can see, Tigger is very food motivated.

Doesn't she kind of look like a turkey?

So which picture do you think should be on this year's Christmas card?



  1. I love that you prioritized getting the dogs room painted before the rest of the house. That's love. :)

    Love your Christmas pics, it's HARD getting dogs to pose nicely for pics, especially for a nice Christmas card. Crap, I've gotta get on that too! Yikes!

    Hugs girl xo

    1. Yes it is :) I can't wait to decorate their room too.

      Thank you! I really need to try to start looking online at the card I want the picture on and try to play around with it to get the picture to work. I usually order them from www.zazzle.com which is the same site I got some of their birthday shirts from.


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