Weekend Recap/ Bulldog Playdate

   I got my weekend recap done on Monday again! But I am so freakin' tired, it isn't even funny. I just keep reminding myself that it is a 3-day work week. And even though this 4-day weekend is going to be busy, I am still looking forward to it. My main goals are cleaning, baking, and getting the living room painted. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here is what went on this past weekend...

   My sister is home for Thanksgiving break!!! So Jesse, Audrey, and I headed on over to my mom's and Jesse and my sister got to meet. I only got to see my sister for about 15-30 minutes before she took off to go hang out with her boyfriend and friends. I haven't seen her since mid August, so even though it was brief, it was still nice to see her. I plan to see her again this weekend anyway. Oh yea, my mom gave my hair a little trim too (and then on Sunday I dyed it just a tad darker).

   We also got to meet my mom's new alpacas. Yes, my mom now has alpacas and is getting 1 more, a miniature donkey, and some chickens too. I don't know if I've ever seen an alpaca up close. I know I've passed alpaca farms but I don't think I've ever pet one or fed one. Having them eat out of your hand... I don't even know how to describe what that feels like but it is weird. Homer is definitely food motivated and seems like his stomach is a bottomless pit. Bufford on the other hand is apparently a divo. My mom says he has an attitude. While giving Homer snacks, Bufford kept his distance observing from far away. I was so determined to pet him. I walked slowly and quietly trying to get to him. Hell, I even tried walking like an alpaca (but not on all fours) and started humming and making clicking noises to try to get him to let me pet him. My mom and Jesse found it hysterical and y'all probably think I'm crazy but I wanted to gain his trust. Apparently alpacas hum a lot and they make a clicking noise when they play sometimes- so that's why I was doing that. He finally let me pet him for a quick nanosecond but that was it. Oh and guess what??? Miss scaredy pants Audrey wasn't scared of the alpacas! As soon as we let her into the yard (not in where the alpacas are), she darted to their fence. She was watching them and running up and down along the fence line. It was so shocking and cute. Moments like these make me so proud of her.

   Ok, I am really having issues concentrating right now, sooo I'm just going to end this post with pictures from when I went to my mom's house.

 Doesn't she look so adorabull in her new fleece hoody from Baxter Boo? All ready to go to Mee Maw's.

 Audrey and Jesse checking out the alpacas.


 My mom feeding Homer.

 Bufford, the divo.

 And the wiggle butts take off!

 They all have the same hoodie but in different colors. 

 Three little piggies.

 Gretta is in the yellow, Audrey is in the pink, and George is in the green.

Whatchu lookin' at?

   If you've been looking at my Instagram lately, you've already seen a sneak peak of the bedroom and one of the dog beds. And the Christmas cards came! So be on the lookout for upcoming posts on the Christmas cards and dog beds. I hope the work week goes by quickly for everyone!



  1. Homer and Bufford sure are cute! The dogs look quite stylish and cozy in their matching fleeces.

    1. Thank you and thank you. A lot of people are surprised when they find out that most bulldogs love to wear clothes like hoodies. They love to snuggle.

  2. Oh my god, look at all those bullies <3 I die!!

    Your momma has alpacas now?!? We help sheer a herd of about 30 every Mother's Day and it's such fun. We get so dirty trying to wrangle them all, dodging the ones that spit. Lol. They make the strangest noises, don't they? It's almost like a hum/throaty/clicky noise. They have such beautiful eyes and eyelashes up close. :)

    And soon to be donkey too, eh? That's awesome :) id love it there!

    Happy American thanksgiving!! xoxo

    1. Yup, my mom grew up with her relatives owning farms. So she is used to working on farms. When I was little, she used to take me to visit her Great Aunt who had an emu farm.

      Soon my mom will have a total of 2 English Bulldogs, 3 alpacas, 1 miniature donkey, and some chickens. Who knows, she might end up getting pygmy goats too haha. We will see but she doesn't have a farm. She just has a good amount of property for the few animals she wants. And I just found out that they're going to get my favorite type of chickens, Silkies!

      And thank you!

  3. Here's my alpaca post http://theflynnigans.com/2015/05/11/mothers-day-weekend-2015/


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