Weekend Recap

   Hey y'all! So I really did have every intention to do my weekend recap on Monday and then even yesterday but it just didn't happen... at all. I was so exhausted. I just couldn't do it and it was one of those times where I knew it was not a good idea to push myself to do it because I really needed to just take it easy. Today I am not quite as exhausted but my skin and body just completely aches but I was determined to get this post done and up today, so here it is.

   Friday night was pretty uneventful since Jesse worked and I just wanted to lay on the couch with my fur babies and watch the new season of Marriage Bootcamp. Did any of you watch it? I am pretty excited to watch this season, especially since Mama June and Sugar Bear are in it! But the Bachelor couple, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici... don't even get me started. Did they grow up in a bubble?! I mean, I know I was sheltered and all (and I don't mean to spoil it for those of you who didn't watch the first episode) but these two take it to the a whole nother level. They are not used to seeing women with cleavage showing/ hanging out and people cursing so much, etc.- like really??? It is 2015 people and that shouldn't have anything to do with you participating in Marriage Bootcamp. Yea, I could see how the cleavage could affect it if your husband has a strong wandering eye and is a cheater but to my knowledge, Sean isn't and Catherine stated that she wasn't used to people walking around with their cleavage showing. They are just plain weird.

   Saturday was filled with a little bit of cleaning, housework, running errands, etc. and then we went to that dinner party thing at Jesse's friend's house but it ended up only being me, Jesse, Jesse's friend and his wife. That didn't stop us from having a great time though! The men were outside grilling burgers and homemade french fries while his friend's wife (I guess I can call them both my friends too) and I indulged in a few bottles of moscato and gossiped. It was a great night.

   Sunday we kind of took it easy, or at least kind of easy compared to lately. Jesse put up the curtain rod in the living room that I had ordered. Originally, he was going to make me the curtain rod that I wanted but there are so many things on his to-do list that I made for him and he wasn't quite sure how he was going to make what I wanted, sooo I figured I'd give him a break. I wanted one long curtain rod that had a rustic/ industrial feel to it and kind of similar to the curtain rods used in the bedroom. I know that it needed to be around 120" long or so and that isn't exactly the easiest to find and I was not willing to pay a ton of money either. Luckily I found one on Wayfair that was the color and size that I wanted and just so happened to still be on sale. With tax and shipping, it was only $43.98 and it extended to 96"- 144", which was perfect. But not everything can be perfect. I purchased the burlap curtains for the living room back in early to mid October to throw over the existing curtain rods for the time being. Well, maybe I should have paid more attention and you think I would have learned this by now. One of the curtains is somehow an inch or 2 shorter than the other and just doesn't look as pretty as the other. I bought the exact same color, brand, and size but somehow the 2nd curtain has a defect. It bothers me so much but I don't have the receipt, tags, or packaging anymore and I am not going to buy a whole new curtain. So I am just going to have to deal with it. I am thinking about maybe putting something in front of it so that it isn't so noticeable but I'm not sure yet.

Don't mind the dogs beds and random furniture. The dog beds are only moved into the living room to get them more used to them and the random furniture is being altered and/ or getting new furniture eventually. I still have to do a post on those dog beds and do some room reveals but none of the rooms are completely done yet.

   Oh yea and we also put up Christmas decorations and stuff. Last year, all I put up was the tree even though I had purchased a light rope, two candy cane outside light things, and an inflatable hippo. I'm not a huge decorator when it comes to the seasons, holidays, etc. but I decided to put up some of the things that I didn't last year. The rope ended up being a no go because for the rope and hippo, we needed an extension cord to go back through the fence to the outlet on the side of the house and I didn't feel like having two extension cords. So I opted for just having the hippo up. Then I put the candy cane light things up and I finally hung up the little flag in the front yard that my mom had gotten me as a house warming present. I'm sure next year or the year after, I will buy a few more decorations but I'm still not going to go all full out... or at least not yet.

 I love how they made the flag look bitten out of. 

   And then we put up the Christmas tree. Jesse's mom mailed all of his ornaments that she has gotten him over the years. She started a tradition (I don't know when) of getting him one every year. She also sent us our 1st ornament for our 1st Christmas together. How sweet is that?! For now, the ornament will just have to have a photo of us taken on my phone and printed out on printer paper but I still love it. With the ornaments she already sent and the yearly ornaments to come, I'm thinking we might have to get a bigger tree next year.

These two were a little too heavy for this tree but I really like how Jesse decided to position the Home Depot guy. 

   After decorating and feeding the dogs, Jesse made us dinner. Balsamic tuna steaks, asparagus, and red pepper brown rice and quinoa. The rice and quinoa was ok but I think it would have been better paired with steak like it suggested on the back of the box (maybe I should read those things). The tuna and especially the asparagus were delicious. I don't know what he does to the asparagus when he cooks it but it is always amazing.

   Well, I'm out. I have to continue telling Jesse I don't know what I want for dinner until he picks something. Hopefully I'll get the next weekend recap posted on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend! p.s. only 16 more days until Christmas.



  1. I love the hippo! You've done a great job; I've not decorated at all and I'm now over at my moms for a week house/dog sitting while she's in Barbados, so that'll have to wait until after next Wednesday when we're back home.

    Jesse sounds like such a good guy. Cooks, helps with your to-do list around the house, adores you. I hope you both have a wonderful first Christmas together. :) I love that his mom got you your first Christmas together ornament; it's always a good sign when boys' momma's like ya and sounds like she does.

    I'm going to email you; I want to send you a Christmas card.

    Happy Thursday!! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much and yes, he is. I am so lucky. This is the first time a boyfriend's mom has friend requested me on Facebook, talks to me on Facebook, asked for my number, and talks to me on the phone and via text. It's new but I like it.

      If you didn't email me already (I just briefly checked my emails and didn't see anything), you can either email me at askaytche@gmail.com or heathermariehammel@yahoo.com. I want to send you a Christmas card too!

  2. Bummer about the curtains being different sizes! That's the worst. Some furniture in front could defiitely help disguise the shorter one!

    1. I know, I just wish I would have noticed ahead of time but it could be worse.


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