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Snacking with Slim Fast

Hey y'all! I'm partnering up with Slim Fast again but this time I'm reviewing some of their snacks and goodies. As I have mentioned, my weight has always been up and down and finding healthy snacks can be a struggle. Plus, with having such a busy lifestyle and low energy, it just isn't always realistic for me to go to the gym.

   I'm not too crazy about the different shakes and protein shakes out there that are meal supplements. Some are ok but as I've gotten older, for some reason, my body just doesn't always react well/ doesn't always like things with too much dairy or the taste of the shakes. And I never knew that Slim Fast had come out with different snacks. These snacks can be used to replace meals or just help curb your hunger between meals.

   I tend to change up my weekday breakfast routine every once and a while and have been trying out different protein and fiber bars. So it only made sense to try out Slim Fast's dark chocolate sea salt…

Weekend Recap

"Happy" Monday y'all! It's just another week of the new year and my brain feels like it is mush right now. Buuut, I want to get this weekend recap done and published today so here it is.

   Friday, hmmm, Friday. I think this was a pretty uneventful night. I don't remember us going out or cleaning or anything but I do remember picking up more of Tigger's medicine for his bladder issue. Oh well.

   Saturday, the usual errands and we got the living room trim painted! Yes! Finally! It is amazing what a fresh coat of white paint on the trim can do to a room. I don't anticipate anymore painting or anything of that nature going on the rest of this month since we have to move the rest of Jesse's stuff in. But anyways, we tried a new recipe for lunch that I got off of Pinterest. The recipe was called One Pan Balsamic Chicken and Veggies and OH MY GOD is this recipe amazing. "Amazing" doesn't even describe how good this recipe is. And what'…

Giving, Receiving, and an Amazing Christmas Cookie Recipe

Alright, so I know I said I would have this post done earlier but ya know, life happens. So I'm going to keep this sweet and simple.

   Christmas was so great this year. Not just because of the presents, but because of family. Meeting more of Jesse's family and spending time with them, Jesse meeting more of my family and spending time with them, and seeing some of my family that I haven't seen in years.

   But I did want to share a few special gifts and that amazing cookie recipe I promised y'all!

This is probably my favorite gift I- Jesse and I- received for Christmas. My Sister got it for us and put one of our pictures in the frame. I just absolutely love it and it has burlap on it which matches perfectly with the living room. It'll be the centerpiece of the gallery wall that I have yet to start. 
I had mentioned that we made a dog pallet bed for my mom and stepdad/ their English Bulldogs. This isn't the best picture (my mom sent it to me), but next time I…

New Year's Eve Weekend Recap

Jeez, how much does it suck that the first work week of the new year is the first full work week since the week before Christmas? But hey, at least I got my first weekend recap post of the year done and posted on time!

   So this weekend was pretty mellow. For New Year's Eve, we went to our friend's house. I barely drank anything. I just wasn't feeling that great and just didn't feel like drinking but that doesn't mean I didn't have a good time celebrating. And I got to eat lots of shrimp, yummy :). And of course I got to spend New Year's Eve with my man, our first New Year's Eve together.

   I wore the same sequin top as I did last year. I wasn't too happy with my outfit last year. I just didn't feel that comfortable and didn't feel like it flattered me all too well. I even thought about going out (or going online) and buying an outfit for NYE but I didn't and I'm glad because it helped me save some money. I didn't even reall…