I'm ENGAGED!!!- The Proposal

   Ok, ok, so this is old news but for those of you who do not follow me on instagram or Facebook... I am engaged!!! I am over the moon ecstatic! I have already started wedding planning and created my own wedding planning binder with tons of spreadsheets I made, guides, tips, diagrams, and I also made a wedding planning timeline from looking at like 10 different wedding planning guides. I just need to actually start filling the pages out. It can't all be stuck up in my head forever.

   So let's get to the proposal story shall we? On February 19, 2016, it was a typical Friday afternoon. We had planned on just keeping it simple that night, make dinner at home, watch t.v., and go to bed. But Jesse was taking forever to get home and I was getting really hungry hangry. And then I started craving a gin and tonic, so I figured once he got home and we ate, I would suggest we go to Smokey Bones (yes, the place that we got cut off at the bar but hey, it's right up the street) for drinks and dessert. Well my amazing man must've been a mind reader that day because he texted me asking if I wanted to just do dinner at Smokey Bones. So of course I was down for that. But he was still taking forever to get home.

   Then there were some meaningless details that I don't all quite remember, so let's jump to when we actually got to the restaurant... They were busy. I was so annoyed but decided we should just stick out the wait anyway. I was being a little snippy with Jesse because I was so hungry and wanted a drink but I don't think we actually ended up waiting too too long.

   So we got seated at a booth, we ordered, drank, ate, played those little trivia games on the table (I think it's called Ziosk?), and blah blah blah. I was pretty much full but wanted dessert anyway, so I ordered dessert and asked the waitress to box it up and then Jesse headed to the "bathroom".

   I was just awkwardly waiting for him and I think my boxed dessert might have even showed up before he got back. I don't remember why I turned around when I did, maybe it was just to look around to see if I saw that he was headed back to the table, I'm not sure but when I turned around... he was getting down on one knee with an engagement ring in hand!!!

   I was in COMPLETE shock and it is definitely hard to surprise me. I don't exactly remember what he said, something about making him the happiest man in the world and asking me to marry him. I said yes and nodded my head but my hands were cupped around my mouth (hiding my dropped jaw) the entire time. He put the ring on my finger, got up, and told me to kiss him lol. And what was even better was that one of the staff members recorded it on her cell phone and texted it to me!

   We decided to get two or maybe three more drinks before we went back home. My jaw was dropped to the floor like the entire rest of the night. Everyone congratulated us on our way out and asked to see the ring. I felt so freakin' special and could not believe he planned this. And some staff even remembered us the next time we went back to eat there!

I looked a total hot mess that night but whatever because I got engaged!!!

 Did I mention that this wonderful amazing man of mine designed this?! He did very very well in my opinion. It's perfect!

   That was such a special day and I am so glad that it was recorded.



  1. I am so glad you're back. And of course, you're getting married. But that's old news. I can't wait to see it all come together. I wish you both much, much happiness girl. Xoxo

    1. Thanks girl! I'm on a roll, Posting 3 days in a row and I'm just about to start working on tomorrow's post. These 4 posts have been waiting long enough. After that, I might not be too consistent with posting but we shall see.

  2. Still.. That's awesome. It's a start in the right direction.
    So glad you're back and I'm not just seeing you on Facebook and other social media.


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