Meet the New Fur Kid on the Block: Gary

   I know, I know, you're probably laughing or at least smirking at his name. Yes, Jesse and I named our newest fur kid Gary Padraig (Padraig is Irish, Pa-dray-g). But of course anyone who follows me on instagram or Facebook already knows this.

   Before the passing of Gemma Madeline, we had talked about possibly getting a 4th dog but just hadn't gotten one yet. So don't go thinking Gary is Gemma's replacement because in no way, shape, or form is that true and Gemma could never be replaced. Anyways, I believe everything happens for a reason and that things happen at the right time. Like I said, we had been talking about possibly getting another dog. So I had been looking at different breeders, shelters, rescues, etc. off and on for a little while but took a bit of a break from that when Gemma passed away. There were specific breeds (or a mix) that we were considering... another English Bulldog or French Bulldog (you know those choices were all me) or a Dachshund or a Bluietick Coonhound (Jesse's picks).

   Jesse has always wanted a Bluetick Coonhound. He loves hounds. And technically, even though we consider all of the dogs ours, he didn't really have his own dog. I wanted another Bulldog so badly though. So we continued to look at puppies that were one of the four breeds we discussed but we weren't really looking at Bluetick Coonhounds anymore because you cannot find them on the east coast like anywhere. We would have had to travel down south.We would find some really cute puppies we wanted to go see but then just never followed through with it (sound a little similar to Gemma's adoption story when I was looking for a dog). But then all of a sudden one day out of the blue, I saw an ad for Bluetick Coonhound puppies for sale in PA. I contacted them immediately and also told Jesse. He was sooo excited. The puppies weren't ready to go yet but they were taking deposits.

   The breeder was about an hour or so away from us. We had never been to that area before and the drive there was pretty easy until we were almost there. Just a few minutes (10-15?) before we got to the breeder's house, we lost signal. We both have AT&T and rarely have problems with signal. So our GPS/ phones started losing signal and got us lost. We asked people in the area if they knew where the address was or if they knew of the breeder selling Bluetick Coonhound puppies. They took us in the complete wrong direction. Jesse was getting so frustrated and ready to give up but I wasn't going to let him because I knew how badly he truly wanted one of these puppies. So we drove back until we got signal and called the breeder. They gave us directions and we finally got to their house.

   I think the puppies were close to 6 weeks old at this point and oh my gosh were they freaking cute!!! One puppy was spoken for, so we had our choice from 2 males and 1 female. I told Jesse early on that the sex of the puppy didn't matter (even though I like females better). It was all about the temperament and personality because I did not want chaos brought into our household (well, more chaos than a puppy usually brings anyway). Of course I fell in love with the little girl and he fell in love with a boy. The little chubby male puppy was in the kitchen when we got there, so we didn't even see him at first. They said he LOVED to eat, so it only makes sense that he would still be in the kitchen while we were there. Jesse picked him up and held him in his arms on his back like a little baby and he just laid there like that, completely content. I ended up asking Jesse if we could get both, the male he fell in love with and the female I fell in love with. He ultimately said yes.

   So we put down the deposit on the male puppy, they didn't require a second deposit for the female. And I'm pretty sure they said we didn't need to put a deposit down on the female because they knew what would happen on our ride home. I was in such awe over the cuteness of the puppies and couldn't believe that in 2 weeks we were taking home not 1 but 2 puppies! Then the anxiety and realistic thinking kicked in. What the hell was I thinking?!?! 2 Bluetick Coonhound puppies??? Was I nuts? Had I lost my mind? 2 Bulldog puppies I could handle no problem but 2 hyper loud howling Bluetick Coonhound puppies that needed lots of physical AND mental exercise. I realized that getting two was not a smart idea at the time. This is a completely different breed from my two lazy fur kids I have at home and we have a wedding to plan and partially pay for. So I had Jesse text the breeder when we got home saying we could only take the male and they were completely fine with that. I'm almost positive they saw that coming. We decided to get the male over the female because ultimately, the male puppy had the temperament and personality that we wanted and needed for our home. He was calm, lazy, and loved food.

   Fast forward to March 18, 2016 when we got to bring little Gary Padraig home. He is so smart, loud, naughty, obnoxious, and growing like a weed! I'll let y'all enjoy pictures of our new puppy.

 On our way home!

He thinks he is a cat.

But he also thinks he is a Bulldog (Bulldogs like to sit on other dogs' heads).

 This boy is all legs. At about 20 1/2 weeks, he is now taller than Audrey! He last went to the vet on 6/1/16 and weighed 23.2 lbs. We think he is going to be a big boy.



  1. He's such a handsome little dude. I just love his face and I want to rub his ears on my face, they look so velvety.
    You must take some video sometime of this little guy.


    1. Thank you and his ears seriously do look like black velvet. I will definitely have to take a video of him. I CANNOT wait for him to start puppy training on Tuesday and I CANNOT wait for him to lose his puppy teeth. I don't think he has lost a single one yet. I tried getting him to chew on bones in hopes that it would help loosen them up but he gets so bored with them. I bought him an interactive toy (not to help with teething) and he has already mastered that one, so I ordered a more difficult one and it comes today.


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