Old Wives' Tales

   I LOVE reading about the different old wives' tales and theories to try and guess the baby's gender. I can't use all of them because some of them require you to be a little further along and I didn't do some of the really crazy ones like mixing your pee with baking soda or your pee with boiled cabbage water lol. Some of these things are really bizarre. I'll admit, I was tempted to try some of the crazy ones but Jesse definitely would've made fun of me and plus, we should be getting a call with the harmony blood test results- and gender- any day now!!! I swear it has felt like foreeeeeever waiting for these results. I just want to know so so sooo badly.

   So while I wait for the results, let's see what some of those old wives' tales and theories say about the gender...

   1. Skull Theory- Basically this theory says baby boys have square or blocky shaped skulls and girls have round skulls. This baby has a nice round skull for sure! My mom said the skull/ head and nose on my sonograms of baby McAward remind her of me on her sonograms!
   2. Nub Theory- This one is a little difficult to explain but pretty much this theory is about the angle of the nub in relation to the spine. I sent my 11 week and 2 day scan to The Gender Experts and they said baby McAward's nub is parallel and less that 30 degress in relation to the spine which means girl!

   3. Ring Swing Test- I'm really not sure if my result was accurate b/c I used my engagement ring since I don't have a wedding band yet and I don't have any plain bands but my result was that it swung in a circular motion which means girl!

   4. Morning Sickness- It has been said that if you have morning sickness, you're having a girl and no morning sickness or very little means you're having a boy. I started having morning sickness at about 6 weeks. It got so bad that I ended up dehydrated and in the ER to get fluids and meds. The ER gave me Diclegis to help me get through our trip to Vermont but not enough to hold me over until my next doctor's visit (which was at a new place because I decided to switch OBGYNs). About a day or two after I ran out of Diclegis, you can bet ya that morning sickness came right back. Luckily my appointment was a few days after that and they prescribed me plenty of Diclegis.

   I've also read that morning sickness is hereditary. My mom had morning sickness with me and my sister. She said the morning sickness with me stopped around 10-12 weeks, which I am past now. Even with the Diclegis, I still get a little nauseous and have to make sure I snack frequently and eat small meals. So I'm pretty scared to go off of Diclegis b/c I do not want morning sickness to come back. I think maybe in a week I might start lowering the frequency I take Diclegis (right now it's 1 in the morning and 2 at night). Wish me luck!

   5. Cravings- They say that if you crave foods that are salty, sour, or spicy, then you're having a baby boy and if you're craving things sweet, you're having a baby girl. I crave things in pretty much all of those categories! Sour gummy worms, french fries (but I don't like salt on them or barely any and I've cut back big time on french fries b/c those are the last things I puked up- sorry tmi), spicy food (chipotle or in the beginning spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy;s of Chik-fil-a), ice cream, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables (I eat a lot of celery. Like celery every single day).

   When my mom was pregnant with me, she craved steak and potatoes and with my sister she craved McDonald's. Which points to boys both times and her doctor even told us we were both boys. As you can see, my mom was blessed with girls instead. I know that was a long time ago and stuff has become so much more advanced, but the fact that her doctor got the gender wrong both times definitely got me nervous about my doctor being wrong when the time came for the ultrasound that would reveal my little one's gender. But now that I decided to get the harmony test (a blood test) done that also tells the gender, I feel much more confident b/c a blood test is waaay more accurate than an ultrasound. So let's just hope that the test is accurate for me and that I'm not one of those very rare cases where it is wrong *Knock on Wood*.

   6. Acne- Little girls steal their mother's beauty while little boys give their mommies perfect complexions. I've never had great skin, so the fact that I have acne right now is no surprise. However, it has gotten a little worse lately and I've noticed some popping up on my back and what not. So that could mean that I am having a girl but it might just be because it is summer and our a/c is broken right now. It is hot in our house and the dogs and I have to rely on multiple fans. Update: Jesse fixed the a/c Sunday night *Knock on Wood*.

   7. Heart Rate- I've read that little boys have heart rates under 140 and little girls have heart rates over 140. The first time I actually heard the baby's heartbeat was via doppler at one of my visits and it was 176, then the next two times were via ultrasound and were both 169, and on Thursday at my visit, baby's heart rate was 160 via doppler. So each time so far it has pointed towards girl!

   8. Chinese Birth Chart- According to the chinese birth chart, I am having a boy.

   Well, according to these theories, I am having a little girl *Knock on Wood*. We should find out if they were accurate or not pretty soon!

   Ultimately, all that matters is that the baby is healthy but I really really really so very badly want a little girl! I feel like she is a girl and Jesse (to his dismay) and my mom think I'm having a girl too. It would seriously just make my day so much more amazing if the results come back that Jesse and I are having a girl. But right now, I just want to know!!!



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