Wedding Wednesday

   Yes, I am doing one of these. I might do them every week, maybe every other week, or just once a month but lets give this a go!

   I have done a lot of wedding planning/ brainstorming... in my head. I even took the time to make a whole wedding planning binder complete with spreadsheets, diagrams, and a timeline planning guide I came up with by combining a bunch of planning timelines. But I have yet to fill this thing out slowly started filling it out. Jesse will be away for most of this week due to his grandfather passing away, so I am hoping I can get my butt moving on filling this binder out more!

   Also on the to-do list this month is wedding dress shopping! Yes!!! I cannot wait to go wedding dress shopping this weekend and I definitely want to get my wedding dress purchased before I start getting bigger and actually have a baby bump. And no, we are not getting married before the baby is born. And I am not announcing the exact date just yet until we order and mail out our save-the-dates (on the to-do for next month) but I will say that it is in June 2017. So I won't really know what size I will be around that time post-baby. That reminds me... we need to also work on getting addresses so that we can actually mail out the save-the-dates!

   Next month, besides save-the-dates, we need to also interview and book our wedding officiant. Aaaand keep filling out that wedding binder! That's about it on the wedding planning to-do list for this month and next because we also have a lot of other things to do (house related, baby related, my birthday, and Jesse's birthday).

   So what have I done so far besides making a wedding planning binder?

  • Set the date
  • "Booked" a ceremony & reception venue (my mom's new house/ property that she is closing on next month *Knock on Wood*)
  • "Booked" a hair stylist & make up artist (Jesse's aunt who just so happens to be a make up artist in NY)
  • "Booked" a photographer (Jesse's dad and Jesse's uncle)
  • Made a draft guest list
  • Went over things that are usually at weddings but that we don't want at ours, etc.
  • Oh and went crazy on Pinterest!

   Working on the house, planning a wedding, and preparing for a baby... it is a lot! But it is all totally worth it and I am just so happy, excited, and overjoyed.



  1. Your mom is moving again? Is this to a bigger property to accommodate all the animals?? If so, that's AWESOME! :)

    You have SO much going on in the next year but it's all good, happy things. Soooo happy for you. I'm glad you're back to blogging. You're one of the few that I actually enjoy reading details of your day to day and what not.

    1. Yes and yes lol she is crazy. They want more property and she gets to bring home her little baby goats when they move.

      Yes, this year and next are going to be so busy and then I just found out my cousin is pregnant (not as far along as I am and hasn't officially announced yet) and my step sister is going to get married the year after Jesse and I do. And it feels good to blog again, share what's been going on, and now blog about such happy exciting life changing things going on in my life. And aw that really means a lot! Thank you!

  2. That's awesome though! Good for your mom! They make her happy.
    So is she going to be farther away from you or about the same?

    It's nice to see some happier things going on in your life. You had a rough first half of this year with a ton of sadness and loss, I hope that the rest of this year and going forward are some of the best days of your life. You deserve it, homie. ;)

    1. She'll be a little farther away but distance and traveling isn't a big deal to my family since my mom and I travel a hour and a half to work everyday lol.

      Thank You :)


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