Pink Blush Maternity

   Since finding out I am pregnant, I have been kickin' my Pinterest game into high gear. Between all of the cute baby clothes, parenting advice, new mom tips, top new products, nursery items, registry items, etc., I have been going crazy but I love it! Another thing I've been pinning and saving is maternity clothing.

   I have only bought two belly bands and one maternity top so far. I'm tempted to go try on a pair of maternity jeans but I think I'm going to wait on that just a little bit longer. One shop that caught my eye for sure was Pink Blush Maternity. Their maternity clothes are so freakin' cute! I especially love the maternity dresses and was so excited when I got an instagram message asking if I wanted to do a collaboration! Um yes?!!! 

   There was one dress I for sure had my eye on and so obviously that is what I chose. It is a maxi dress, which I love, and it is 3/4 sleeved with a beautiful floral print. Even though it is a maxi dress, it is so lightweight and airy. And what's even better is that the dress is made to accommodate growing baby bumps. I'm pretty sure I found my baby shower dress y'all!!!

   It is going to be perfect for a September baby shower. September weather can be tricky sometimes and I think this dress will most certainly do. And because these dresses are made to accommodate growing baby bumps, the dress will still fit me a few months from now when it is time for the baby shower.

   So what do y'all think?!


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  1. LOVE this dress on you, you look so pretty! :-)

    1. Thanks girl! It is so comfy and flattering, I think it could be worn as a post-pregnancy dress as well.


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