Wedding Wednesday

   So I'm thinking maybe I'll do 2 Wedding Wednesdays a month, or at least for now. 1 on the 1st Wednesday of the month reviewing what needs to get done this month and 1 on the last Wednesday of the month going over what I actually got accomplished. Sound good?

   Before I review what wedding related tasks need to be completed this month, I want to announce a big to-do I got checked off the list last month... I bought my wedding dress! Well, I found the dress and put the deposit down or whatever but still!!! That is like a huge thing for me on my list. Now that I've said yes to the dress and all, I feel like a lot has been done even though there is much more to do. Oh yea, and apparently we have decided to have the wedding in the evening again instead of the morning.

   In July we need to...

  •    Review the drafted guest list and rewrite it.
  •    Order Save-the-Dates and labels.
  •    Make sure we have all of the guests' addresses.
  •    Address the envelopes and mail out the Save-the-Dates.
  •    Meet with a potential wedding officiant (or more) and book one!
  •    Maybe do some more research on music/ DJ alternatives.

   And I think that's about it. I have been so relaxed and go with the flow about this wedding. My wedding dress consultant even said I was like the easiest bride she has ever had. We aren't having a big fancy wedding. It is going to be pretty low key. My step sister even asked over the weekend if my nephew needed to get fitted for a tux. Nope. No tux needed but I'll go over attire in a later post. I just want it to be as stress-free as possible and be able to enjoy it. Maybe the pregnancy is making me so relaxed about it? Who knows. I know one thing for sure, my mom is LOVING that I'm not being a bridezilla right now because everyone who knows me probably would've bet money that I would for sure be a bridezilla. I even thought I would be one. I probably will become at least somewhat bridezilla-ish when it comes closer to the date and we're trying to get the final details together but that is kind of expected with all of the stress.

   Happy hump day! Friday is almost here, kind of.



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