Wedding Wednesday

   Happy Wedding Wednesday y'all!!! I seriously have been slacking on wedding planning but I plan (keyword "plan") to get a lot done in August, or at least kind of. I definitely did not get everything done I had planned to in July but let's get over what I actually did get done...

  •    Said Yes to the Dress- Ok, so technically this happened in June but it wasn't on my end of the month Wedding Wednesday post last month. Getting this one done is HUGE to me so I am definitely happy about getting that done. The only thing is, I think my dress will be ready for my first fitting like right before I'm about to give birth or like right after. So the fitting will have to be put on hold for sure.
  • "Booked" a ceremony & reception venue- I put this on last month's post but I'm putting it again since my mom officially closed on her new house and lives there now. So it is definite that the wedding will be on her property.
  • Made another draft guest list
  • Ordered Save-the-Dates and address labels (just ones with our names and address to make it a little easier on us). I really wanted to get the save-the-dates mailed out this month but it's most likely not going to happen. I haven't started writing the addresses and names or even put our address labels on them and I still have some addresses to get.
This is the save-the-date we chose from Zazzle (not our info on here obviously). I seriously love Zazzle! That is where we get our Christmas cards and I have gotten some of the dogs' birthday shirts off of there! 
  • Researched Caterers
  • Researched Officiants
  • Researched Rental Companies

   God I have so much to do and my head is just not focused (partially b/c I'm off my main ADD med). I need to get as much done before Rory is born as possible b/c wedding planning, a newborn, and figuring out this whole mom thing is going to be crazy.



  1. How are you finding things without medications? Have you been on all these meds for a long time? Email or facebook me if too personal.

    Is your mom's place bigger for more animals? Can you ask if I can come live with her? Lol!!


    1. It is definitely a struggle but I'm hanging in there. And I have been on most of them for years. My antidepressant was the only one that was semi new but that's b/c they're always changing my meds. So it isn't that difficult to be off of that particular antidepressant but it's difficult to be off of an antidepressant in general.

      Yes, that is why they moved, so they could get more property for the animals. Lol!


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