20 Week Bumpdate

   We're at the halfway mark people (well 2 days past it if you want to get technical)!!! And it is anatomy scan/ ultrasound day (but not until later, so the day will drag on for sure)!!!

How Far Along: 20 weeks and 2 days

Due Date: 12/31/2016 New Year's Eve!

Baby is the Size of: A Banana! Baby is measuring 6.5" from crown to rump. I really hope they tell us measurements and percentiles she's in today at the anatomy scan!

Weight Gain: I'm not sure but about 9-10 lbs.

Symptoms: Nausea, headaches, sore sensitive boobs, bloating, moody, fatigue, lightening crotch, sciatic nerve pain, and round ligament pain. I've been cutting out the morning pill (Diclegis for morning sickness) and just taking 1 pill before bed. These migraines and sinus headaches have been killing me and Tylenol gives me little to no relief, usually no relief. Sometimes taking some Benedryl helps if it is allergy related but it's not always.

Gender: Girl!

Name: Rory Brielle

Movement: I don't think so. Ugh, I just want to feel and see her kick so badly. I had a dream last night that Jesse, my mom, and I all felt her kick and that we could see the kicks so clearly that we could see her foot prints, hand prints, part of her head and the bones of her feet and hands- so weird but maybe that means I'll feel and see her kick soon! *Knock on Wood*

Nursery: We're going with a woodland/ woodland critters and floral theme. The nursery is painted and the curtain rod and curtains are hung up. I plan to buy two decor pieces this month for the nursery. I'm just so excited to decorate and have it all put together for my little girl. I don't want to share any nursery progress photos yet because 1. there's not much to see and 2. my sister is staying in the nursery for another week and a half before she goes back to college this month.

Maternity Clothes: I wear a belly band with my pre-pregnancy jeans, I have a few basics (3 tops and leggings), and now have a winter maternity coat but that's about all the maternity clothes I have bought so far. I'm thinking I'm going to need to buy some maternity pants by the end of this month- some of my jeans I can't zip at all.

Sleep: I am so freaking tired. I try to catch up on sleep a little bit on the weekends but Gary makes that very difficult. Lately my sleep has not been good. I've been waking up randomly (and it's not to pee) and just not getting great sleep. I switched to sleeping mainly on my right side instead of the left side (I was doing that mostly for good blood circulation for the baby and b/c I usually start off like that) and I think that helps some nights.

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Forgot to mention last week that I actually finished reading a pregnancy book, "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy and I strongly recommend it! But back to this week... there was a brick ceremony held for my nephew (and a few other families and friends that have lost loved ones) at Olivia's House: A Grief and Loss Center for Children. You can get a brick engraved for your loved one that has passed (whether it be a child, parent, pet, etc.) and in their garden, they take out a brick that is not engraved and replace it with yours (you choose the location). They also have programs to help children of all ages cope with their loss(es). It is a truly amazing place.

   On Friday night, Jesse surprised me with a date night to the movies. We were going to see Sausage Party but it was sold out, so we saw another movie we wanted to see... Suicide Squad. I really liked it and can't wait for the spin off or whatever they're planning on doing with just Harley Quinn and The Joker. We went to Jesse's cousin's pig roast on Saturday and celebrated my sister's 19th birthday on Sunday (even though her birthday was Thursday)! And we got to meet my mom's new baby brother goats, Festus and Artemis (I picked out Artemis' name or at least I suggested it). They are either pygmy goats or Nigerian dwarf goats- pretty much the same thing. I forgot to take pictures of them! I also filled out the baby shower invitations for my mom so that she can try to get them mailed out today. Doing that and knowing the date were the only two things she let me know about/ do for the baby shower. I emailed her suggestions but other than that, she wants it a surprise and it is killing me!!!
 My sister's blender lol. 

We haven't gotten a pic of us together in a while. I meant to get my sister to take a picture of us at her little birthday party but totally forgot.

   Oh yea, and this week I remembered that I have yet another thing to plan for- Rory's baptism. How the heck did I forget about this? I wouldn't necessarily categorize it as a "Best Moment of the Week" but it's something special to me. So I've been looking at Baptism gowns and dresses and what not just to get my brain moving for when we plan it next year. Jesse says he's going to put some sort of black dye in her pocket or somewhere with her so that when she touches the water, the water turns black and it will freak the priest out. Very funny, I'll be sure to double check Rory before she gets baptized that day to make sure her Daddy didn't try pulling any pranks.

Missing: Wine, wine coolers, and Margaritas- especially margaritas! I still need to get a new bigger blender and get Jesse to make me some virgin ones. I bought a blender for my sister's birthday present b/c she said that's what she wanted but why did I not buy myself a new one? I have no idea.

Cravings & Aversions: Rice (and Chipotle- that's a given), donuts, brownies, cupcakes, milkshakes, mozzarella sticks, string cheese, fruit, and fresh veggies (mainly fresh raw green peppers), did I say donuts?, chocolate, Belgian waffles, s'mores, and Olive Garden's black tie mousse cake. This little girl has some good taste! The cravings for chocolate are strooong. I keep a little container of mini m&ms in my desk drawer at work in case I feel light headed or the cravings are just that bad. I usually try to forget they're in there but on Friday I just couldn't stay away and at the whole thing- ate least they come in tiny tubes. And I have been eating Chipotle about once a month when I have a work meeting that is close to one. I would eat it more often but that isn't necessarily good for my body and Jesse still makes jokes about Chipotle. He has physical therapy for his shoulder (he hurt it at work) after our ultrasound today, so this girl is hauling her ass to Chipotle to grab a burrito bowl for dinner- yes!!!

   Aversions... Still the same. Grilled chicken (unless it is like overdone and crispyish), nuts, spinach & artichoke dip, and biscuits.

Mood: Very happy but getting very easily annoyed. I am so mean to Jesse on Saturdays when he usually has to work- sorry babe! If Jesse works Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays), he still has to get up early and for some odd reason, our crazy fur child Gary has to get up at that time too to go potty and eat. So then I have to get all the dogs up and take care of them and then hopefully am able to go back to sleep for 2-3 more hours but boy am I cranky. And don't even ask what kind of mood I was in this past Saturday waking up at 3:00 a.m. after being out late at the movies. I was cranky to the max.

Looking Forward to: Our ultrasound today!!! I've been dying to see our little girl on the ultrasound screen. It will be our anatomy scan with the specialist. Jesse is going to be there and so will my mom. This will be the first time she gets to see Rory on the ultrasound screen (not just in pictures of the sonograms I send her). My sister went to the last ultrasound with me which was 7 weeks ago! And then I have a regular prenatal appointment on Wednesday. Since I never got a call about the results of my quad screening, I would think they would tell me them at this appointment. One of the things the quad screening tests for is Spina Bifida, which Rory is at high risk for. So I really want to know the results and see what the specialist has to say about everything on the ultrasound at our anatomy scan. Wish us luck!

Have a great week!!!



  1. I seriously think you're probably the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen. :)


    1. Awww thanks girl! That means so much to me!


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