Adoption Day Anniversaries/ Gotcha Day Anniversaries

   I know, y'all are probably relieved to finally read something that isn't about babies or weddings- sorry, I'm trying to slowly work on it.

   So this week are Audrey's and Tigger's Gotcha Day Anniversaries! I can't believe I have only had Tigger for 3 years and Audrey for 2! It seems like so much longer, but then again, I have to remember that Audrey is only 2 years old and Tigger doesn't turn 4 until November. So it makes sense. You can read last year's post here.

   This year's Gotcha Day was pretty low key and celebrated early. We celebrated on Sunday even though Audrey's gotcha day anniversary wasn't until Tuesday (August 2nd) and Tigger's wasn't until Wednesday (August 3rd).

   I love these two so so sooo very much (and Gary too but his Gotcha Day isn't here yet, so he is being excluded from the post. Sorry Gare!) and thought they deserved their presents early since they have been so good and are dealing with Gary being an annoying obnoxious brat and me being so tired.

 Their Gotcha Day presents! They LOVE the moose!

 The day I picked Tigger (who I had named Mowgli at that point but then changed his name again down the road).

 Isn't he so handsome? And boy does he look healthier than when I adopted him.

 This was 2 days after I brought Audrey home. Look how tiny she was!!!

Ahhh I love this girl sooo much!!! My little grumpchkin :)

TGIF!!! Have a great weekend everyone! I hope everyone's Friday flies by.



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