Wedding Wednesday

   Happy Wedding Wednesday! Alright, let's just get straight to it. We I didn't get everything done that I had planned on getting done in July. It's really no surprise since I haven't really been 100% focused, I'm tired, and being a bit of a procrastinator but this month, I need to kick my ass on both baby stuff and wedding stuff (but mainly wedding stuff).

   In August we need to...

  • Send out the Save-the-Dates! I'm really hoping my mom got the remainder of the addresses and names I needed her to give me this afternoon and I'm hoping Jesse has gotten his addresses too because we really need to try to get these babies out this weekend. It would probably help if I put our address labels on all of the save-the-dates and write the names and addresses I already know to make it easier and quicker but that's just not how it's been going in Heatherland lately.
  • Book a wedding officiant. This needs to get done this week also. We have a phone interview/ consultation with one tomorrow evening, so hopefully that all goes well and we book her!
  • Research & book a rental company! This is extremely important. We need a lot of rental stuff since we are having the wedding ceremony and reception at my mom's and it will be outdoors. It's a little difficult finding a rental company and one with everything we need that is near my mom's new house or that will deliver without an insane delivery fee. I finally thought we found one and then they said they were booked for all of 2017. So this week, I will be researching more companies, seeing if they're available for my date and getting quotes and booking one this month.
  • Come up with an estimated cost of food and drinks. We have decided we're not having our wedding catered and we're doing the food ourselves (minus fruit and veggie trays b/c that makes way more sense to buy than to make). We have thrown around ideas of what the menu will be (and it will be verrry simple) but we need to actually discuss it more and come up with a ball park range of what it will cost us. 
  • Possibly book our hotel room for that weekend. It would be great if we got this done this month but some other things take priority over this, so if it is pushed off until next month, that is fine. We just want a nice/ decent hotel near my mom's to spend the wedding night and the following night. 

   Other than that, I think it's just some baby stuff that absolutely has to get done this month. Wish me/ us luck and happy hump day!



  1. So much to do, but so much fun!! You are making me miss planning my wedding. (I must be really losing my mind)

    1. It is really fun but can definitely be overwhelming at times especially with also trying to prepare for a baby and the fact that my mom won't help me plan my baby shower is driving me nuts. I'm such a control freak and she is such a procrastinator lol.


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