Wedding Wednesday

   Yup, it's Wedding Wednesday! Can you believe today is the last day of the month?! Even though I'm a Summer baby and big on warm weather, I am beyond ready for cooler weather, scarves, and pumpkin spice lattes!!!

   Well let's get down to reviewing what I got accomplished this month wedding wise...

  •    Sent out Save-the-Dates! Only one just recently came back to us (for a couple that just moved), so we're going to have to resend that one out this week.
  •    Booked our Wedding Officiant! Yay! 
  •    Booked the rental company!!! We will have two rental companies because we'll need to rent port-a-potties but the company I'm looking at trying to book for that won't start booking for next year until January. But we booked the other rental company we needed and wanted! This was a big to-do since the original company I had thought about going with was already booked for all of next year.
  •    Started coming up with a food & drinks estimate. We started it but didn't finish it. We're almost done though, we just need to get back to actually doing it. I'm also starting to question where I put the paper we wrote on b/c I don't think I put it back in the wedding binder (stupid, I know) and my purse is filled with papers b/c it needs to be cleaned out aaand a water bottle spilled a little in my purse recently and of course I have yet to see what papers it got wet. So I should probably get on that...
  •    And this wasn't originally on the to-do list but I started coming up with ring bearer outfit inspo. Just working on the shoes now.

  •    And this wasn't on the original list either but I scheduled an appointment for next month for my sister to pick out and order her Maid of Honor Dress and my step sister to pick out and order her Bridesmaid dress.
   And that's it! It doesn't necessarily seem like a lot but those were big to-dos and we actually got almost everything off of the to-do list I set for this month done- woohoo!



  1. Those are huge things to accomplish! And I'm with you on the cooler weather and blankets and coffee.

    1. I am so happy I got those things done! I feel like in the next few months, I'm going to have to make major lists on what specifically needs to be done each month (or even week) after Rory is born to stay on top of things and try to have things go as smooth as possible.


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