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Happy One Year Anniversary to My Love

Wow, where do I even begin? Our 1 year anniversary was one week ago today. I seriously cannot believe Jesse and I have been together for a year... but then there are so many times where it feels like we've been together forever. I have never been with anyone for a year straight. I've been in so many on and off again relationships, it's ridiculous. But this is just one of the many signs that shows that we are meant to be.

   Who would've thought that a year ago I was going to meet the man I would fall in love with, marry and have a child with on Tinder? As crazy as it sounds, I'm so glad it all fell into place. It's funny how life works that way, eh?

   This has been one hell of a year full of firsts together, multiple losses, getting engaged, getting a puppy together, and then finding out we're expecting our first little human... and we got through it all, together. Jesse is so perfect for me in so many ways. Besides the fact that he's basically my d…

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I feel like September is going by pretty quickly and since it's the last Wednesday of the month, it's time to review what wedding planning crap I actually got done.

   Found the paper I started jotting down food and drink expenses- I just haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.MOH's dress and Bridesmaid's dress appointment at David's Bridal completed. Both dresses have been picked out and ordered. And I decided they can wear whatever heels they want, they just have to be silver. Aaand I'm thinking lilac or lavender earrings and I'm also thinking I should just save the hassle and buy them myself- ya know, when I actually get around to looking for them.