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   Let's talk about babies! I know, I know, it seems like that's all that's on the blog these days. It will get better, I promise, I just don't know when.

   So baby registries... they can be super fun and super annoying and most of all time consuming. You don't even want to know how long it took me to do our registry- Jesse couldn't even believe it. And I still need want to add a few more things but just need to find the time. Baby registries can also be very overwhelming. Thank goodness for Google and Pinterest to help with registry guides and top products, etc. b/c even with them, you'll most likely feel lost. And the further you go into your registry, the more shit you'll find that you didn't even know existed. And then there are the things that registries suggest you get that are totally pointless and a waste. That's why I also searched for baby items and baby registry items that aren't worth it and items that moms never used.

   But even with all of that help, it is just like holy shit. I started early before we even announced by creating a baby registry board on Pinterest (I kept it secret until after we announced) just to add things that I wanted or felt like we needed for our baby and I highly recommend this b/c then when you're ready to actually start your registry, you can just refer back to your Pinterest board! It'll still take forever but if I didn't do this, I can't even imagine how long it would've taken me. My brain hurts just thinking about it.

  Now let's talk about this AMAZING registry... Baby List. It is like from the registry Gods forreal. It's online and so easy. You just create an account, install the Baby List button, and then anytime you see something you want on your registry, you click on the Baby List button! It let's you categorize the registry items and add notes for each item like if you want a specific color or size. You can add anything and I mean anything from any site to your registry which is one of the things I love most about it. And it gets even better. You can put gift cards and personal favors on your registry! Think house cleaning, babysitting, home cooked meals, etc. How freakin' awesome is that?! Thank you Baby Registry Gods wherever you are!!!

   With that said, I figured with my baby shower coming up, I'd list a few (b/c there is just way too much shit on my registry) of the top items I put on my registry that I deem pretty important.

Image result for chicco bravo travel system lilla
A lot of people have recommended the Chicco Bravo Travel System. There are sooo many choices when it comes to baby stuff and it can be so overwhelming and mind boggling. So with the price and reviews, I trusted others' judgement and hopped on board. I requested this system in Lilla (the color featured in this picture). My soon to be MIL ordered it already and I'm hoping she got the color/ style right!

The Chicco Bravo Travel System already comes with a car seat base but after reading lots of reviews and blog posts, a lot of people recommend getting two bases so that you have one in each car. Seems pretty reasonable to me and I think it would make things a lot easier.

I've read a lot of great reviews about this swing and I think it is just absolutely adorable. There are so many options out there from swings to bouncers to rockers and then there's the mamaroo. From what I've read, every baby is different. With all of this baby gear, your baby is either going to love it or hate it. So let's just hope our daughter likes whatever she gets *Knock on Wood* 

And then there's the pack and play. I think these are a necessity. They are generally easy to transport and set up. Whether you are over someone's house or on vacation or even just in a different room/ on a different floor of your house and it is nap time, all you need is a pack and play. I like that this one also functions as a bassinet, has a little play bar, and a changing table. It just makes everything that much easier. Aaand on my registry it shows that someone already ordered it! Yay!

Rory's crib!!! I knew I wanted something modern with clean straight lines, no curves, and this is perfect! Jesse and I both agreed that we wanted a convertible crib so that it can be converted into a toddler bed when the time comes. I would say it was pretty easy to put together but I can't 100% say that since I'm not the one who put it together. It didn't take Jesse long though! I asked for it in cherry because a cherry wood crib in a woodland critter themed nursery kind of makes me think of the red wood forest and it just kind of makes sense- or at least to me it does.

I have read great reviews on the Solly Baby Wrap and it seems like it would help out a lot if Rory is being fussy and just wants to be held and I need to take the dogs out or do laundry. I was starting to think about some things on my registry the other day and thinking about whether or not I'd purchase it if someone else doesn't. This one was definitely something I contemplated not getting if someone doesn't get it for me but then I think about the whole carrying a baby who wants to be held and being hands free at the same time, so I'm thinking this is a must!

This will definitely be something I purchase if someone else doesn't get it for us. A bottle with an on-the-go dispenser attached to it?! It just kind of seems like a no brainer- we need this!

Image result for baby brezza formula pro

This is something I'm pretty positive we will be buying if someone else doesn't (and so far they haven't...). I am 100% formula feeding our daughter. If this can make things easier, get done quicker, and allow me to multitask, then I want it!

This is another one of those things I started thinking about not getting if someone else doesn't get it. I want the owlet baby monitor so badly. I think it will help a lot with all of my anxiety problems, but it is pricey. I ordered a video baby monitor off of Amazon recently because 1. that's something we need and 2. there was a lightening deal going on and I got it for just a few cents under $60. After my baby shower, I'm going to look at everything we didn't get and evaluate the list in terms of absolute needs versus wants and the price. I love me some spreadsheets!

Image result for auto rock'n play sleeper
This is another one of those baby items I have read great reviews about. My baby registry shows that someone already bought us this bouncer we asked for. So this will be another one of those things to evaluate if someone doesn't get it for us. There's a possibility I might be receiving a used mamaroo. So I think if I do receive the mamaroo but not this sleeper, I'll probably pass on the sleeper.

   If y'all want to check out our crazy baby registry on Baby List, click here.



  1. Fun! Registering for stuff is CRAZY. It was exhausting. I have the Bravo system and love it. And we got a second base from a friend to borrow. I would definitely a yes on the rock n play. I wasn't sure if I would use mine, but Olivia developed reflux at two months and I started using the rock n play for her to sleep in and she was in there for 5 months. It was a lifesaver. I have heard great things about the Mamaroo. If you get that, it's the other swing you wouldn't necessarily need unless you wanted two for a spare in another room. Isn't it fun peeking and seeing what's been bought? :)

    1. I never realized how crazy and time consuming creating a baby registry was until I did it myself. I'm pretty sure my brain felt dead after I finally finished it haha. Thank you so much for your advice, that really means a lot and is helpful especially since I'm a first time mom! I love getting little alerts that someone bought something off of my registry! Someone from work bought two things off of there and brought them to work yesterday.

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