Happy One Year Anniversary to My Love

   Wow, where do I even begin? Our 1 year anniversary was one week ago today. I seriously cannot believe Jesse and I have been together for a year... but then there are so many times where it feels like we've been together forever. I have never been with anyone for a year straight. I've been in so many on and off again relationships, it's ridiculous. But this is just one of the many signs that shows that we are meant to be.

   Who would've thought that a year ago I was going to meet the man I would fall in love with, marry and have a child with on Tinder? As crazy as it sounds, I'm so glad it all fell into place. It's funny how life works that way, eh?

   This has been one hell of a year full of firsts together, multiple losses, getting engaged, getting a puppy together, and then finding out we're expecting our first little human... and we got through it all, together. Jesse is so perfect for me in so many ways. Besides the fact that he's basically my dream guy, he calms my crazy anxiety down so much and accepts that I'm a crazy dog mom- even though he thinks some things are ridiculous like dressing up the dogs for Halloween.

   Usually you kind of go all out for your first anniversary but we both agreed that we should keep each others' gift inexpensive because we rather the money be spent on stuff for Rory. And of course we ended up giving each other our gifts before our anniversary. Oh well lol.

   I feel like guys are so hard to shop for but I remembered Jesse continuously saying he needed a new wallet. So where else to look for a gift for my man then Etsy! I got this one by SwankyBadgerDesign and personalized it with his first and last initials. It turned out perfect and he loves it!

   When he asked what I wanted for our anniversary, I decided to be realistic and asked for something we needed for the house. So off I went to Etsy and I emailed him a few options for him to pick from. I HATE our old lamp from the old house that we have been using for the living room. It just doesn't match with the theme of the room. So lighting was one of the things I put on the list of options and lighting is what I got. He picked this hanging light from wiresNjars and it's perfect!

Please excuse the mess on our dining room table. There will definitely be some cleaning done this weekend.

   Cheers to many more anniversaries together!

   Well I am exhausted from being up half the night in pain. I think Rory keeps hitting a nerve in my back causing the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. Have a great weekend!




  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you two have a wonderful day! And Rory is nice to you today and gives you a break from the kicks ;)


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