Wedding Wednesday

   Happy Wedding Wednesday! I feel like September is going by pretty quickly and since it's the last Wednesday of the month, it's time to review what wedding planning crap I actually got done.

  •    Found the paper I started jotting down food and drink expenses- I just haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.
  • MOH's dress and Bridesmaid's dress appointment at David's Bridal completed. Both dresses have been picked out and ordered. And I decided they can wear whatever heels they want, they just have to be silver. Aaand I'm thinking lilac or lavender earrings and I'm also thinking I should just save the hassle and buy them myself- ya know, when I actually get around to looking for them.
This is the dress my sister Jen, my MOH, chose.

And this is the dress my sister Desi, my bridesmaid, chose or at least it is something similar to this one but the same color (portobello) as the dress my sister chose.

   And I sadly I think that's all I got done. Whoops. Oh well, there's always next month haha. Happy hump day everyone and let's try to get through this week! 



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