Weight Gain in Pregnancy

   Weight- a common topic people do not like talking about.

   When you're pregnant, you're obviously going to gain weight. You're growing a baby inside of you, duh. But it doesn't necessarily give you the excuse to stuff your face with every food craving you have. Gaining weight during pregnancy can be so frustrating sometimes. Doctors generally want you to gain somewhere between 25-35 lbs but then again, every Doctor is different. Some will say this and then some will say it is perfectly fine to gain 60 lbs. And then you have to factor in whether or not you started out overweight before you got pregnant, which would then result in your Doctor only wanting you to gain 10-15 lbs (again, depending on your Doctor). My Doctor's office is one of the ones where they want me to gain no more than 35 lbs.

   In your 1st trimester, "normally", they want you to gain 0-4 lbs. I was so sick but I was on medication for it, which allowed me to actually eat normally instead of throwing up the entire contents of my stomach everyday. But I managed to only gain about 1 lb in the 1st trimester, which I thought was pretty darn good. Some women are insanely hungry during the 1st trimester and then some women are unluckily blessed with morning sickness (like me) but don't gain any weight and might even lose weight during their 1st trimester- lucky bitches.

   And then there's the 2nd trimester where they "normally" want you to gain a pound a week or sometimes less. I was pretty on track with this for the most part. In the beginning I did have a week where I think I gained 3 lbs instead of 1 lb and the midwife I had seen shortly after that time scolded me because it had been about 4 weeks since my last visit and I had gained 6 lbs during those 4 weeks instead of 4. I was not happy about being told to watch what I eat. I had have so many food aversions and so much nausea that it is difficult to find foods my stomach can tolerate. Plus, I wasn't really eating that unhealthy. Sure if I had a chocolate craving I might have given into having 1 donut or a chocolate bar but my snacks mainly consisted of fresh fruits and veggies. And to try to avoid nausea, I have to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day. Aaand did she not factor in that my boobs had gone up a whole cup size at that point (and now they are up yet another cup size)? I mean that's gotta account for some of the increase in my weight, right?!

   On top of that, she wanted me to get off of the Diclegis (aka my lifesaver for morning sickness). I wanted to cry when she told me that. It took some time but I eventlually got down to 1 pill a day. And when I tried going off that 1 pill for just 1 day, I ended up feeling sick all day and came home puking while peeing myself at the same time. So if you couldn't tell from that, I am still on Diclegis. And I'm very afraid they are going to tell me no to my request for another refill at my next prenatal appointment.

   I really did think I had the 1 lb a week weight gain thing down though but then I had a week where I gained 2 lbs and then the following week I gained 3 lbs. At 24 weeks, I had gained a total of 16 lbs and it made me nervous. I didn't want to gain more than 25-30 lbs total during this pregnancy. I am so worried about trying to get the baby weight off after Rory is born and being back to my pre-pregnancy weight before our wedding. I have no energy- where the hell was that rush of energy the 2nd trimester was supposed to bring?- and no time to work out. Plus I'm still not feeling well and it is way too hot for me and the dogs to even walk around the block.

   But then came my echo ultrasound at 24 weeks and 2 days- luckily at Maternal Fetal Medicines (the high risk specialist), they don't weigh you, hallelujah! Everything went great and looked great. They did let me know that little Rory isn't so little. They said she is a big baby on the very high end of "normal" weighing in at 1 lb 13 oz! Keep in mind that this girl was weighing 13 oz (on the big side for that stage as well) just 4 weeks prior. My kid gained a whole pound in 4 weeks! That means I can blame Rory partially for my weight gain, right?

   I can't say I have many tips for maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy, especially since every woman and every pregnancy is different. I can however let any pregnant women out there know that regardless of the pounds we pack on during pregnancy, we are doing the best that we can and we are growing a little human being (or more) inside of us and it's all perfectly normal. There's no reason we should feel horrible about our weight gain or the way we look. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing (even all of the not so fun ugly parts of it).

   I'm hoping to try and do a continued post to this when I'm somewhere in the middleish of my third trimester. Have a great weekend y'all!



  1. Nice post. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
    I'm back on my blog...:-)


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