Baby Shower

   Sooo I had hoped I would've had this post up already and I had thought I'd have at least started it last week but that didn't happen. I am seriously so exhausted and this pregnancy brain shiz is real. So I'm just going to give you all a little photo dump from my baby shower. We didn't get pictures of everything but hey, some pictures are better than none!

 Jesse and I before he went off to the casino to lose some money with the guys.

 This picture won't turn correctly, oh well. This was the cake for everyone else and I really wish I would've eaten a piece.

 My special little mermaid cake just for me. 

 Guess how many candy corn are in the baby bottle. I won lol. I think it was 514.

 My mom and her mom as I read Desi's card.

 Desi and I after I read the most beautiful heartfelt card from her and we decided to be sisters and not stepsisters :)

 The cutest nephew in the world and his gift he gave me just from him!

 And knowing me, my daughter has to have a tutu dress b/c she is getting put in dance classes ASAP!

 My mom reading off the answers to the word scramble which I also won. Ok, so I won all of the games (I'm a little competitive) but I didn't accept any of the prizes. I picked a number between 1-100, a number between 1-50 or we might have changed it to 1-10, and then a zoo animal so that my guests could win prizes instead.

My sister Desi, my aunt, and one of my cousins and I while we did the baby word scramble. Somehow we didn't get any pictures of me and my sister Jen but then again she was the one taking the pictures.

   I hope y'all enjoyed some of the pictures from my baby shower! I have made my list (minus more clothes) of remaining baby stuff we still have to get and started ordering some yesterday. It's crazy how much babies need and how much it all adds up to but hey, it's life! Have a great weekend everyone!



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