Wedding Wednesday

   Geez is it really the last Wednesday of the month already?! Whoops! And I say "whoops" because we literally didn't get any wedding planning done this month. Like nothing off of my to-do list. We've been so busy, mainly with baby stuff, and I've been so freakin' exhausted. We do still have this weekend to try to get some wedding planning done though but that's just a we'll see type of thing. It is so overwhelming preparing for a baby and planning a wedding- not to mention taking care of three dogs and a house and working full time.

   Since this post is going to be pretty boring and blank due to our lack of getting anything wedding related completed this month, let's review what we were supposed to get done this month and make some comments or changes...

  •    Finish calculating food & drink estimate. This is something I'd like to try to get done this weekend.
  •    Book wedding night/ wedding weekend hotel. Jesse says we should wait until next year to do this. I'm just going to let him win on that one and we'll book it next year. It's just going to be a hotel by my mom's house, so I don't think it'll be a huge problem to push it off until like February.
  •    Go to a local Florist and just get a quote on my bridal bouquet. I'm still debating on whether or not I'm going to do this or get my bouquet off of
  •    Start creating a play list for the reception. I really don't see us getting this done this year. Maybe next month I can try to calculate how many songs we need to choose to last the reception. At least that would give us a place to start and we already have our first dance song picked out. 
   Sorry for the boring post y'all but I hope you have a quick work week and Happy Hump Day! Wish me luck at my prenatal appointment tomorrow!



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