34 Week Bumpdate

   I feel bad saying this sometimes but I'm forreal over this pregnancy. I am not one of those ladies that has had a smooth easy pregnancy and just absolutely loves being pregnant. And don't think for a minute that I wish I had never gotten pregnant because that's 100% false. And although I wish she'd be here already to put me out of this discomfort and misery, I really am hoping she stays put until at least 37 weeks (so that she is not a preemie, reduces the risks of problems, and hopefully no NICU stay).

How Far Along: 34 weeks and 2 days

Due Date: 12/31/2016 New Year's Eve but c-section is scheduled for 12/28/16. So 5 weeks and 2 days until she is here!!!

Baby is the Size of: A pineapple! Baby should be measuring about 19-22" long and should weigh 4.9 lbs. Ha! At my ultrasound 2 week ago, she was weighing 6 lbs 1 oz. I can't wait to see what she is weighing at my next ultrasound in 2 weeks (my last ultrasound)!

Weight Gain: 32 lbs- yikes! A 4 lb weight gain this past week. Looks like I may just have to accept that I'm going to probably go over a 35 lb weight gain. I have been feeling so freaking hungry but then I can barely fit anything in my stomach because there is like no room in there for my stomach to expand and then I end up feeling sick shortly after. I feel like I can't get any bigger and our daughter is squishing all of my organs- not fun!

Symptoms: Nausea, headaches, sensitive boobs, moody, fatigue, sciatic nerve pain, calf cramps, back pain, fainting, heartburn, hip pain, acid reflux, and braxton hicks (I think). Still taking 1 morning sickness pill before bed.

   This past week I have not felt good at all. Nausea, belly/ bump pain, heartburn, acid reflux, back pain spanning my entire back, etc. The doctor told me to take Zantac everyday for the heartburn and acid reflux, so I'm doing that now but I still don't feel great. I even had to take an extra Diclegis pill on Saturday and Sunday. Hoping I feel better soon.

Gender: Girl!

Name: Rory Brielle

Movement: Yes. She has been a little more laid back lately but that's also more common around this time b/c she's running out of room.

Engagement Ring On or Off: On but sometimes in the morning, it'll be a little difficult to get it on or I can't get it back off but if I hold an ice pack, run my hand under cold water, or wait a few hours, it's all back to normal.

Bellybutton In or Out: Still technically in but definitely looks like it's making it's way on being an outie which I would totally not like b/c it creeps me out for some reason.

Signs of Labor: Just the fact that she has dropped and the OB I saw last thinks I'm experiencing braxton hicks but I have no idea being a first time mom. But those aren't necessarily labor signs or signs that labor is in the very near future.

Nursery: We're going with a woodland/ woodland critters and floral theme. The nursery is almost finished! I just need to get a few things organized and then it should be ready for the reveal.
 Finally got around to getting Jesse to hang up the hair accessory organizer I made. Still have a few clips to add and waiting for 3 more headbands to be delivered!

 LOVE this blanket my cousin made for Rory. It's all folded up in these pictures- it's actually quite huge and she could very well use it even when she is an adult. It has the same quote as one of the wall art pieces in her gallery wall, "In a field of roses she is a wildflower". 

And THE crib sheet I ordered from Zulily finally came!

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing maternity jeans but on other days I'm still wearing some of my pre-pregnancy jeans unzippered with a belly band. I'm wearing maternity shirts but also still wearing my pre-pregnancy shirts (not all of them obviously lol). It is so cold and windy out this morning and so I finally put on my winter maternity coat I had ordered online months ago from H&M while it was on sale. It is still really big but hey, I rather it be too big than too small!

Sleep: Exhausted. I just want to be home laying down. I'm tossing and turning throughout the night.

Best Moment(s) of the Week: 

   -These baby moccasins were finally delivered from Zulily! The leatherish blue ones are size 0-6 months and the suedish berry ones are 6-12 months. I can't wait to put these on her when they fit even though I know she will most likely kick them off.

   -Had my first non stress test on Thursday and it was annoying. They said usually you are hooked up to the monitor for no more than 20 minutes. You just have to press a button every time you feel baby move and should get 10 movements. This girl is stubborn and not very active, so I accepted the offer of cold ice water immediately to see if that would get her going- nope. Then 20 minutes passed and I had only felt like 2 movements. So they offered me apple juice, which I also accepted. I finally got 10 movements (a few might have been made up just to get me out of there) but it took like 40-45 minutes. Our daughter is just very stubborn and moves when SHE wants to.

   -Got my hair trimmed and dyed! Last hair dye and trim before Rory is here! And we went to my mom's Saturday night for dinner and I got to see my sister since she came home for Thanksgiving break!

   -This isn't a "best moment" but we decided to get all of our errands done Friday night because we had some extra errands and there just wouldn't be time Saturday or Sunday. So there was a little extra walking. I felt so much pelvic pressure and I was so uncomfortable, I seriously felt like Rory was just going to fall out lol but I've read that feeling is completely normal.

Missing: Wine, wine coolers, margaritas, and GIN and TONICS.

Cravings & Aversions: Rice (and Chipotle- that's a given), brownies, cupcakes, cookies, fruit, and fresh veggies (mainly fresh raw green peppers), chocolate, Belgian waffles, s'mores, french toast, pumpkin spice lattes, soft serve vanilla and chocolate twist custard, Wendy's (especially their spicy chicken sandwiches which I craved quite often in the first trimester), McDonald's french fries, Five Guys' french fries and Olive Garden's black tie mousse cake.

   Aversions... Still the same. Grilled chicken (unless it is like overdone and crispyish), nuts, spinach & artichoke dip, tortillas, and biscuits.

Mood: Very happy but getting very easily annoyed.

Looking Forward to: 
   -My non stress test today. Even though Rory moves when she wants to, I bought a few bags of sour gummy worms for the non stress tests over the next few weeks that I plan to eat right before every test in hopes that she'll move and I won't have to stay there hooked up for more than 20 minutes.




  1. You're allowed to be over it! I was over it both times from like week 13. I struggled with enjoying being pregnant - but the outcome is well worth the wait - I promise! You look beautiful :)

  2. I think the hair organizer that Jesse made her is adorable. :) and her bedding is so pretty. I cannot wait to see this little girl. <3

    1. Actually I made it lol, he just put the hooks on it and hung it up. And thank you so much! We have like 4 extra crib sheets but I have been waiting for this one to come because this is my favorite.


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