Dog Halloween Costumes

   Happy post-Halloween! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween last night. Mine was pretty non-Halloweenish considering we didn't go trick-or-treating and didn't put out candy because 1. we had no trick-or-treaters last year and 2. I go to bed sometime between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and was in bed at 7:00 p.m. last night. So we just acted like it was a typical after work evening, plus I was exhausted. But I still managed to cook dinner and get started on Rory's DIY hair bow/ hair clip and headband holder (and do a tiny tiny load of laundry).

   Ok, enough with the boring details of last night. Let's get on to the oh so cute pictures of my dogs and my mom's dogs in their Halloween costumes! As you know, I usually go with a theme and this year's theme was Little Red Riding Hood.

 I HAD to start out with Audrey b/c um just look at her! How freakin' cute does she look in this picture as Little Red Riding Hood?!!! I seriously can't even and she kind of even looks like Yoda (but with a red cape). I just love this little girl to pieces and pieces.

 And here is my lumberjack (Tigger). He has the exact same shirt as George does (see George's picture) but I didn't get around to widening his shirt b/c who feels like sewing when you're pregnant? Not me. And his winter coat just so happened to work out as a lumberjack costume. Tigger definitely did not mind.

 And here is my crazy big bad wolf, Gary. There used to be a big bad wolf dog costume online but they discontinued it and I didn't feel like making one. So I went on Amazon and found a wolf hat for a person and it worked for Gary lol but it is super hard to get this crazy nut to sit still for a picture (see his wagging tail), especially with a wolf hat on.

 How cute is George as a lumberjack?! He LOVED wearing his shirt. I horribly cut the shirt to make it shorter (but still not short enough) and used the extra fabric to widen it between the shoulders because even a boy's xxl isn't wide enough between the shoulders for this bulldog's body.

And finally, little Gretta also as Little Red Riding Hood. She isn't too fond of clothes. She probably likes hoodies the best but usually if you put clothes on her, she drops to the ground and won't move. It's like she thinks she's being punished lol. Gretta, when are you going to learn that in this family, dogs like wearing clothes. Even though she wouldn't keep the hood on, at least she sat still and kept the cape on long enough for a picture. By the way, Audrey and Gretta's capes are actually Little Red Riding Hood capes for adults but the elbow length style. Poor Gretta has such little legs that she kept stepping on her cape causing it to unvelcro and free her of this "torture" ha!

   Well, I hope y'all enjoyed this year's Halloween pictures! Be on the lookout for next year's where they will also feature Rory!!! I can't wait!



  1. Oh my goodness, how adorable! Loving the lumberjack and little red riding hood! Great ideas!!

    1. Thank you!!! If you can't tell, my family is a little bit bulldog obsessed. My sister has two English Bulldogs too. We just can't get enough of the breed (the coonhound was my fiance's choice)!


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