The Perfect Side

   With it being deer season and all, Jesse got his hunting trip done and out of the way before baby Rory makes her appearance. A few weekends ago, he went hunting down on my grandmom's property in VA with some of my uncles and cousins. So we've been eating some yummy delicious venison on the weekends (the dogs too- they LOVE it!) lately.

   Deer meat isn't for everyone but I was brought up eating it and absolutely love it. Every time Jesse has been cooking us deer meat, he has been letting it marinate in Olive Garden's Italian dressing and it is so freaking good that way. But what is a good piece of meat without a mouthwatering side?

   I was so happy when I read Alexis' Friday post on her blog, Chemistry Cachet. Besides getting to see a cute picture of her adorabull bulldog, she also had a recipe for Balsamic Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts! I had never liked tried brussels sprouts until I met Jesse but once I tried them, I loved them and anyone who knows me knows that I love anything and everything with balsamic. So I figured we'd give this recipe a try on Sunday. It was an absolute hit! And it was so easy to make. Plus, we already had all of the ingredients at home except for the brussels sprouts.

Just looking at them makes me want them right now! Yes, my pregnant self wants brussels sprouts at breakfast time. But I'm not at home, so I guess I'll just be dreaming of these delicious sprouts all day or at least until another craving hits me.

   I definitely recommend hopping on over to Alexis' blog and reading Friday Favorites - Thanksgiving and Black Friday Ideas for the recipe!

   We just have to get through today and tomorrow and then hello Thanksgiving and four day weekend! Hang in there!



  1. They look wonderful! So happy you got to try it out :)

    1. They were sooo good! Thank you for sharing the recipe!


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